On Keanu and Alexandra

A few concerned friends reached out get my reaction about these two lovelies PDA’ing on the red carpet amongst their other photos out there documenting their friendship, business and other things between them.

Me? Not heartbroken at all. As happy I was when Brangelina finally had the balls to come out, I’m more than happy to see THE GOAT having someone in his life. Why?

  1. Walang forever.
  2. Hindi ako selosa.
  3. Walang basagan ng trip.

Today’s Mood Haiku


Mind says, “YOU ARE DEAD!”

Body agrees yet acts like

It doesn’t know. Hah!


Just some excerpts from this publication that I read about Happiness:

“Happy regardless, that’s the other part of Stoic invincibility.

Happy is almost the right word. The ancients used “eudaimonia”. This has been translated as “flourishing”, “optimal living”, and “a smoothly flowing life”. Anthony A. Long, in his book Epictetus — A Stoic and Socratic Guide to Life, also added this brilliant distinction:

[Eudaimonia] is steadily enjoying the best mindset that is available to human beings.²

That’s beautifully clarifying when it comes to understanding the price we must pay.”

It reverts to #TANSTAAFL.


Conventional thinking leads us astray where Invincible (not a care + happy)  = (internal) experience + (external) circumstance

“When we check in with friends, family, and work mates and we’ll hear the same formula:

External circumstance = Experience

What’s missing from the common formula is our volition. We forget, are unaware, or refuse to acknowledge we are making a choice in the context of the circumstances.

It isn’t the things themselves that disturb people, but the judgments that they form about them…So accordingly, whenever we’re impeded, disturbed, or distressed, we should never blame anyone else, but only ourselves, that is to say, our judgments. (Enchiridion 5)

So a more accurate formula looks like this:

External circumstance + Our Choice = Our Experience

That’s the power of exercising our volition. We can choose to interpret the circumstances differently and create a different, preferably a more excellent, experience. “

June, July, and Smack in the midst of August

I think if I were to pick the worst quarter in my entire life, this ranks 3rd from my father passing away and with my mother suffering that debilitating stroke.

The details will be on my analog journals at home nonetheless I am just grateful to still be here, with a lot of support from my feline master such as this little bugger, #Tchalla 😻 and my #OnCalls Leah & Margie.

You’d have noticed I’ve upped and changed the blog’s title to Grokking – realizing it’s been what I have been doing all this time, not a bad thing to embrace it.

Hoping to be able to share more or less. Still processing. When it’s all figured out or when

I’ve settled on the realizations popping up left and right, I will totally let you know.

Love and Light! #MakingSpaceForAwesome

Flores De Mayo

Thankful for the month of May.

Getting my groove back on, remembering and honoring what’s really important

Letting go and #MakingSpaceForAwesome