I’m still in the process of trying to learn new things but here’s what I can tell you now:

I’m sure you will get dizzy looking at this because this will be where will I try to account for all the sites and accounts that I have been maintaining since I got online since 1997-ish.

This Blog is Personal to me. I don’t really have a specific audience in mind as I write.  You can find here my adventures on Living Life to the Fullest through my five passions:

  • My Work,
  • My Art (you need to have this translated – maarte kaya ako hahahaha),
  • My Opinions,
  • My Journeys, and
  • The People Around Me.

Life’s so short to spend in too much wondering without doing anything.

So we live and:

  • ponder on the things we’d like to do (and mostly just go do it)
  • share and crate happy moments in this world
  • rant at life’s obstacles (things, situations, people)
  • sometimes even question (and confirm) the existence and wisdom of an Infinite Being
  • call people to action hopefully

What is the commitment on blogging frequency?

There is none.  I come and go as I please.  Writing is my guilty pleasure and I’d rather close this blog down than create any expectation from anyone that updates here will be mandatory at this day and time and regularity.

The Author

My online friends call me LodRose it is one of many anagrams from my real-life full first name.  I’d like to keep my real name private and save sharing that information for face-to-face offline meetings.  I do have a Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ account with my name on it, but you won’t find it here – normally I reserve this information offline.

By profession, I am a Project Manager and Business Advisor focused on Automation of Business Systems (Accounting, Relationship Management  & Productivity – ERP, xRM, SharePoint etc) who is ever so carefully transitioning into the Community Development sector via the Social Entrepreneurship route by creating or partnering with Tech Startups in the Philippines.

LOD Ventures, where my  primary bread and butter comes from, is a Boutique Management Consulting Firm catering to a very small circle of social entrepreneurs, a specific chunk of NGOs and select commercial establishments.  Please send me a private message or email if you are interested on being part of our slowly growing client list or curious to view the protected blog post – https://lodrose.wordpress.com/projects/love-with-friends/ .

I am from the Philippines and am actively searching for the Overseas Filipino Worker sustainable alternative – please feel free to comment if you have an idea.

I have lived in Dubai for a couple of years working for the biggest software company in the world. I still occassionally travel overseas for projects that go for a couple of months at the most, but have firmly resolved to be primarily based in the Philippines as long as I live.

I love to figure out how things work.

I like observing human dynamics (how people react to situations).

I travel (local and international) for business and pleasure.

I adore cats and if reincarnation truly happens, I’d love to be one and own one of these super rich humans so I’d be constantly pampered.

I perceive communicating well as an essential difference of being human as a distinction from animals or insects.  That doesn’t mean I’m implying our species is superior in any way.  Just different is all.

I used to hang around a lot at PinoyExchange.com until early this year (too commercial now for my taste, I’d occassionally drop by to check on old-time friends and keep track of volunteering opportunities) and had several blogs sprawled on the internet.

I’ve a lot of things to say about things that matter to me and I’ve been made to think I’m a really good writer before by teachers and friends alike.  Sometimes I believe them so I just keep on sharing even if no one’s listening.

I’d love to hear from you especially about the following:

  • Art in any form
  • Travel & Adventure Experiences
  • Overseas Filipinos (Expatriates and Immigrants)
  • Community Building & Engagement
  • Technology
  • Environmental and Fiscal Sustainability
  • Volunteering

Or just leave a comment here or a quick tweet or drop an email – and I will get back to you the soonest.

Love and Light!


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