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My Salsa Class Assessment

12 May

After a 10-session class and even after missing a couple of them, I was graded a 9, which means had I not missed those two sessions or had I been attending the social nights, I’m gonna be Level 3 – which is close to professional!

Whoaaa, just on my first month.



People make me happy.

27 Sep

With their love, care, humor, challenge and existence.

So now, I’m currently making a photo project – isolating the best of the best. Will have them printed on the largest possible size and have them framed and placed on wherever my eyes will land on at my flat.

Policarpio Street @ Mandaluyong City (2008)

5 Jan

Day after Christmas, we finally had a chance to go.

You have probably seen this street on TV for several years now, especially during the holiday season, to have a lot of Christmas Decorations on all the houses residing there, including a flea market as a tourist attraction.

Sad thing about it is several friends and I have tried going there twice but we got lost so it was only this time that it finally pushed through.

To our disappointment, there were only 4 of I think 30 houses on that street were lighted. 

We have managed to have our pictures by the houses that were there.  Only then we saw the signs saying that what made Policarpio stand out in previous years is no more:

Apparently the neighborhood association has agreed on cutting down costs by limiting the houses that have Christmas decorations on display.

Even the flea market is gone.  But they have managed to put stalls on the adjacent street (Ilagan), where you can find the latest trend on fashion, specifically clothing, bags and other gift items.

Looking at this sign made me instinctively want to kill the previous companions I had on trying to find this place years back.  Like, they shouldn’t have been guys who were to proud to ask for directions or that had decided to give up right away after getting quite miserably lost for a couple of times.

I can not really blame the neighborhood association for deciding on doing this.  It is really just a pity of having a tradition gone in an instant.  Sure, we can go to Greenhills to view the latest C.O.D. display and we can go to the other commercial areas that have the good lights.  Thing is, there is a distinct flavor of the Policarpio Street during the holidays that feels so much like home as it is in the residential area so now that it is hanging by a thread, it’s so sad.  Maybe if they had commericalized the place (like charging people to enter the street and such), the tradition might have survived.  It might put a bad taste for a bit, but I’m sure people will understand.

Then maybe next year, we can find a new homey venue to go to that is not so commercial.


27 May

I have always wanted to learn how to swim.

It’s always a pity during outings that I only dip, I never go to the deep parts at the beach, or if I do I never leave the gutter at the pool.  All because I was afraid of drowing.

Last year I paid 50% on a professional swimming class. Darn it, work got in the way, and I never even attended the first session. So for the summer last year I went to places that had pools and dipping was the best that I could do.


But this summer, I didn’t enroll, good thing I had buddies who have the same plight.  We searched high and low for a place to go.  And we have.  An plus factor here is we also found TIME to actually start it, do it, and stick with it. 

Hopefully in a month’s time we’d be real swimmers–finally.

What I’ve learned/achieved so far:

  1. Breathing.  It’s the main point on learning to swim.
  2. Not losing your balance. (Geez just last Saturday I fell with all my dry clothes!  Too excited I guess.)
  3. Being shameless on wearing swimsuits.  I don’t care anymore. I’ve accepted my body.
  4. Not being afraid to go on without air for a while.  Drowning ain’t likely because if you get afraid just stand up. Well, I practice only on places where I can stand.
  • Update (June 11, 2005) Thanks to Coach Des & Coach Leah, I can now backfloat.  Weeeee!
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