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On Overseas Filipinos and the Philippines

26 Oct

We can always say, “walang basagan ng trip”, but seriously, if we are to mature about this we need to take sides. I speak as someone who was an accidental OFW with the fullest resolve to go back home and did so.

Of course there will always …be a financial advantage on deciding to work, even live with your family at another country, but the emotional, spiritual and long-term economic cost of leaving the country is tremendous.

Sure, go and work overseas for a couple of years for the experience, but please, I beg you to not contribute to the Brain Drain long term. Just get the knowledge and technology the high and mghty countries and companies have, then funnel it back here at the earliest time possible.

We can always say those who remain in Pinas are this and that, even blame the corruption in the government or even justify that the foreign currency remittances compensate for your absence or even save the economy. My appeal is to those who have the potential to make a positive change within the country and not just win the respect of foreigners on perceptions of Filipinos worldwide. If you do insist our talents are “World Class”, why not dare to show your fellow countrymen what you can do, here?

Fellow Talented Filipinos, your talents and passion are needed here in the Philippines, now.

I dare not label as Traitor those who decide to take the Overseas Filipino path, but if that individual looks down on the decisions and actions of the nation he/she/it/they abandoned, you are lower than traitors, even lower than the lowest microcosms that pretend to live still.


Another Martial Law Anniversary

21 Sep

36 years ago, Marcos signed Presidential Proclamation 1081, placing the entire country under Martial Law.

My parents weren’t even dreamed of conceiving me when this took place.  Frankly, even now I don’t know much about it.

What I do remember is that most of the people around me refer to it as the “good old days”, sighing with nostalgia.

Now, being based out of the country, my basis for national awareness in the local events would be the websites of the newspapers that are based there.

I don’t see it in Philstar.com, Inquirer.net, Abs-cbnnews.com, GmaNews.tv

Maybe I’m not browsing right. Or, it’s forgotten, drowned in the current troubles of the country.

So my parting thought, if we refuse to learn from history, it will keep repeating itself.

That’s why I’m going to read up on this today.


30 Nov

The events of yesterday’s activity, that will now be known as the Military Check-In, will definitely leave a mark to the current generation.  I have not experienced a curfew in my lifetime and I recall my parents’ stories about the their curfew then.


1.  The Filipino’s reputation for installing 2 new presidents through people power has no heart on being present for this activity;
2.  This activity will welcome other similar ones in the future cannoof (?????, what was that?), should the current president step down;
3.  Trillanes, et al, are very much aware of the consequences of their actions but knowing that, they proceeded – this means there must be sot and will never succeed because there is no clear direction on where and how the nation will be taken care mething terribly wrong with the government right now;
4.  The country’s economy does not benefit from this at all;
5.  The lack of participation or even awareness from the youth of today is a clear indicator of how the future generation cares for the nation – which worries me

If I were one of the national heroes from the past – I’d be turning from my grave.

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