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Earth Hour(?!) Seriously, we owe so much more!

26 Mar


With an onslaught of worldly disasters (typhoons, earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear facility breakdowns, political upheavals, hunger, disease), there can’t be a more opportune time to celebrate Earth Hour than these days.

It may not even be a sign from God that disasters abound, maybe it’s just our earth saying, it’s a little tired of being treated badly and it can only pamper us so much.

I’d even think this hour should be lasting and go beyond the 830pm one-hour local time allotment.  The latest publicities I’ve been seeing online and offline prove to be superficial – why organize events that would require or exert a lot of spent energy heading to the venue, lights, music, resources to secure the area.  Even those flyers being sent out to promote it – really pains me.

When in essence you can merely sit back at home, unplug everything and appreciate earth in its raw form.  Then just have a life based on just getting what you need and giving up/sharing what you consider an excess.

There are so many ways we can preserve this huge wonderful planet that we live in, and come to think of it going back to my previous blog post on decency, it will be reduced to that.  It sounds negligible on implementation but each effort to not contribute to the garbage, each effort not to waste existing resources would prove great in the long term.  I say we keep getting at it.

So going beyond the occasion, I won’t go preachy or self-righteous on saying we do this and that to “Save The Earth”. We’ll just do it.  You’ll see.


Yoga, Surfing and Poi

29 Oct

The past two years I’ve really been treating my body bad with eating and drinking a lot.  Though I got into several physically strenous activities (swimming, kayak, biking, running, briskwalking), my heart wasn’t into it.  I’d start heavy, as in do each activity like there’s no tomorrow.  Then I get tired and feel deprived, then regress with inactivity and bingeing to no end.

Now I’ve gotten my 6-pack – six freaking kilos I badly need to get rid off.

So I’ve started reading up and exploring a lifestyle that would allow me to restore my health.  Thanks to ROX Philippines for hosting such a wellness talk event.  I would’ve gone directly to a gym and sign up but at least it got me thinking more if the sport I plan to pick up would allow me to commit to it for life.

The first speaker was a Yoga practicioner/coach (? didn’t really know, I was late) who was gushing about her journey from her illness requiring her to pick up a physical activity of this nature then eventually growing into it.  She can do a headstand on the middle of the floor without support!  Whoaaa!  That’s on top of the meditative value of the exercise.  Yes, this might be one thing I’d like to keep into my life.  Looks like I will have to sign up at least for the beginner’s class at their studio.

The second speaker was more commercial (his deck of revenue stream possibility statistics were a giveaway) and with the folowing he has now, I’m sure his visions will become a reality.  Well of course he had a surfer dude body to die for!  Who wouldn’t want that?  It’s also promising that he just mentioned Surfing Season just started.  I think I need to try this one out too.  Even if only for the chance to hang around with these strong and well-balanced people and their gear.  Another plus would be riding my own wave and enjoying the sea.  Curious?  See you there with the waves!

Last but not least would be this very passionate poi enthusiast spearheading poi advocacy in the Philippines.  A familiar sight seen when the family spent New Year’s Eve at Boracay.  He had these two dangling thingies of different sorts, waving while dancing.  At least that’s how it appears to me.  Object manipulation, that is how the art of poi is classified.  One would need to have graceful moves to be able to to it.  Hmm, I don’t.  But it does look fun to watch.  So, if you’re keen, try it sometime and join the gang.

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