I’ve decided to edit out the cut-and-paste Grok definition I laid out earlier, you were clever enough to get this far and there’s a link somewhere in here,  you can look it up  =P

Inviting you to check out the subsections under this page to check out the little do-goody-two-shoe-thingys that take up my time.

Please message me your Full Name and Contact Information if you’d like to view the content of LOD Ventures.  The rest (Jarina’s Philippines Invite & Travels) are open to the public anonymously.


But since you’re here, I am seeking fellow interested folk to organize and actively participate the following activities:

  • Dinners for geeks
  • Walking & talking events
  • Volunteering specifically for

1) Empowerment – poverty alleviation through awareness + education + coaching + livelihood;

2) Climate change adaptation initiatives;


3) People needing all the help they can get [orphanage, senior citizens, prisoners, children, the ill, special needs individuals]

Social Entrepreneurship (SocEnt)

As part of the Training Program for Professionals on Social Entrepreneurship course I took at the Ateneo de Manila University School of Government since November of 2010, I realized that most of what I do anyway on my spare time had been heading towards this direction.  After over 14 years in Corporate gaining tons of valuable experience on Business, Technology, and Relationships, I believe it’s about time to “retire” from the typical professions and focus here as the spiritual feel goodnees this brings I believe will be boundless.  The greatest value I found on the course was the structure for my Social Busines plan, and of course hanging out with fellow-minded folk who want to address their very own social ills energetically and with great amounts of passion.

Formally for the class, I Co-founded as my very first venture into the Social Enterprise Industry and while the project has since mutated into other ventures, have worked on it as its Project Manager.

Here’s a rough and tough introductory video – have fun with it –

I do have other SocEnts on-going that anyone reading this can participate on.  There is a sub-section for this company (password-protected) and more details will be shared to those who express interest.

What we do know – we seek fellow Social Entrepreneurs and Adventure or Art Practitioners.  If you seek more information, you may post a comment here or email lodrose [at] yahoo [dot] com.


I also submitted an entry for the Breakthrough Innovation Grant 2011 contest where the most innovative and sustainable idea gets to win 20,000 USD seed capital from Seven Fund, The Fisherman Foundation and University of Asia & the Pacific.

While you’re here, I’d like to invite you to fully digest my entry then LIKE (and hopefully SHARE it to your friends) only if you mean it.  More details on this link:


Thank you very much for checking this out and I very much look forward to working with you and eventualy be one of my bestest friends, wherever you are!

Love and Light!


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