Post Mortem Crush Anatomy

My day is guaranteed to brigthen up if I have somebody to look forward interacting with each day so I made sure I had a lots and lots of crushes around.

Be it at work, in my neighborhood, at my parent’s house’s neighborhood or the threads I hang around at – there will always be several guys who will manage to catch my fancy.  Usually it is their brains or something they do that was carefully thought of.  I will never say out loud the names of these guys (not even to my closest of closest friends), just their codenames so I am never found out.

Superficially, there are also some cute or good smelling guys that I usually proclaim as someone I adore.  You, my dear reader, have probably come across into me gushing about them using the prefix Fafa.  At the end of the day though, these are not the guys I would like to be with because I humanize them – get to know a lot about what this guy can do and find out if they pass and realize –  ah, other than the qualities that made me take a second look in the first place IS NOT enough.

For almost 16 months, I happened to come across one guy who, in my perception, was a combination of both.  I always heard good stuff about him, and he happened to be cute.  So, I did my best to increase interactions, in an attempt to humanize him to see if I should pursue investing an emotional attachment on this person.

In the past couple of weeks, I have managed to humanize him and sadly, he failed.  The good stuff I heard, when looked up close, is starting to unfold as very far from what he really is.  All good press and what a let-down!

At this point, I would think that it ought to be a relief since the guy is in a relationship.  No more need to resort to “Sulot” strategies and stabs at my conscience.

It is just a pity, that’s all.  One less IDEAL guy to look forward to get in contact with each day.  Haaay.  Looks like I need to search for this good combo.


Valentine Edition 1999

Moving from


My valentine edition, or the lack of it. Para saan nga ba talaga ang valentines day na yan? Pano sa mga friends kong walang boyfriend/girlfriend? Are they supposed to be mainggit na lang sa mga nagde-date dyan? One good thing here is that we have an excuse to be “loving” and “caring” to our loved ones. Or Not.

Winners of the Philippine Webby Awards are now out. Go check out their site (as I can’t–wala lang) and try to rationalize why those who won won. Nde naman ako kasali don noh, pero I think Bobong Pinoy should’ve been one of the winners, I’m just not sure of the category.

Y2K issue–are you alarmed? You shouldn’t be, the worse thing that could happen is that magre-reset lang ang comp mo, considering the this country of ours is not really that connected yet. At marami naman nang pangontra sa Y2K bug na yan.


Afterthoughts: Quite funny how weblogs were maintained then, I had been noting the posts as coming in from 1998 whereas it was already 1999!