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A Call For Civility + My Happiness Plan

10 Feb

The most outstanding comment I heard on the wake of Angelo Reyes’ death was from an old-time crush pretty boy (well, his hair is all while now, I guess “boy” is no longer appropriate) Rafael Alunan III calling for civility.


The past few days have been heartbreaking for most of us not only in the Philippines, but for the rest of the world as well.  We are all confused with what’s happening and who to side with and how to move forward from all this sadness.

I take a step back and check my approach and methods for communication and calls to action due to some personal conflicts I have had faced head on and resolved in full recently.  Yes, I have resorted to crass or harsh wordings and musings, even be super passionate on tone and context as I share the emotion of frustration or disappointment.  But only as a last resort – only at the time I felt I have no other recourse but to lash back as my wounds do not have a chance to heal if I don’t get the space to breathe.  I was seeking air.  But I do realize, all these may have stemmed from a lack of civility from both sides.  Most likely, stemmed from a high sense of self-righteous personal pride.

Well anyways, before I go into further babbling, I will keep in mind of Raffy Alunan’s call for civility to keep each other’s dignity intact.  Maybe if we all do, people will not feel so low that they need to go corrupt to keep up with the condescending and patronizing rich people.  Suicides need not happen, political turmoil can be avoided, rallies or political disobedience unnecessary.

Sure, you may say this piece as too naive and the author continues to stay in her idealistic bubble.  But hey, this floats my boat.  I’m still here full of dreams and living my life in full like a fool.  Of course I have my troubles, but overall I’m happy with how things are going.  And you sir, how’s your life?

Love & Light!

My Happiness Plan and Operating Guidelines:

1. Find and follow your purpose.

2. Participate as frequent as humanly possible.

3. Contribute by commenting/suggesting/granting a wish/EPALizing like there’s no tomorrow – we needed whatever you’re tasked to do two weeks ago!

4. Communicate – please set mutual expecations straight.  It’s a safe environment here with no judgment (just snide remarks).  If you sit on a task not having an idea how to do it or need help on completing it, just ask because our pool is huge.  If you don’t, we’ll assume you got what it takes.

5.  Take ownership of your assignment by heart & soul (IKARIR) – If your deliverable blows and negatively impacts other tasks needed to keep this machine running like clockwork, we will shoot you like hell and worse, we’ll blog and/or facebook and/or tweet about it with your photo and contact info (maybe).


My UK Adventure

30 Oct

I felt almost guilty for going there for business travel with the current global financial situation.

Then again, my manager has successfully convinced me of the need to go and participate in an All Hands meeting, training and 1:1 session for all teams.  It is suspected that all of us have my sentiment, nonetheless, personal interactions do in fact have greater impact no matter how good technology is nowadays.

It is also a refreshing break especially for my current situation – morale points already shot 20% up despite the 8 hour flight upon arrival.

Main goal of the first day was to explore London while getting to know your colleagues.  There was the spirit of competitiveness (if you have an inkling of how strong my personality is, multiply that to 15 heads!) in the air.  Which was a good thing because it was a two-in-one.  If my manager has not cleverly designed this game, I would have extended my stay (with my personal funds) to go around the area.

Most of the photos are now in my Facebook.  I may post in Multiply and/or Spaces.Live.Com the other pictures.

That afternoon, everybody’s feet were aching for walking the entire day.  Which was ended by a sumptuous all you can eat grilled meat at the O2 arena.  Perfect.

Second day is fun too – can’t discuss much of the work side here though.  It was noted that everyone’s feet were still aching from the previous day’s adventure.  In the evening, we went for dinner and clubbing afterwards.

People were warm and accommodating.  I hadn’t expected that at all (See?  I too am a racist sometimes) so it was a pleasant surprise.

I can’t get over the flight getting delayed for almost an hour, the time zone difference but overall, this trip had served it’s purpose: I HAD FUN 


So let me end this with a prayer:

May God Grant…
To The Living – Grace
To The Departed – Rest
To The Church & The World – Peace and Concord
And To His Sinners – Eternal Life

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