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30 Nov

The events of yesterday’s activity, that will now be known as the Military Check-In, will definitely leave a mark to the current generation.  I have not experienced a curfew in my lifetime and I recall my parents’ stories about the their curfew then.


1.  The Filipino’s reputation for installing 2 new presidents through people power has no heart on being present for this activity;
2.  This activity will welcome other similar ones in the future cannoof (?????, what was that?), should the current president step down;
3.  Trillanes, et al, are very much aware of the consequences of their actions but knowing that, they proceeded – this means there must be sot and will never succeed because there is no clear direction on where and how the nation will be taken care mething terribly wrong with the government right now;
4.  The country’s economy does not benefit from this at all;
5.  The lack of participation or even awareness from the youth of today is a clear indicator of how the future generation cares for the nation – which worries me

If I were one of the national heroes from the past – I’d be turning from my grave.


Realizations – 8

22 Sep

On Heroism:

If you want me to be your hero, you will be disappointed.

If you want me to be the one who has you as my hero, you will be disappointed.

If I want you to be my hero, I will be disappointed.

If I want you to be the one who has me as your hero, I will be disappointed.

Heroes are ultimately always losers because none of us can be saved from the stories of deficiencies we tell ourselves.

We can only be heroes to ourselves.

And on that day, we discover what it means to love.

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