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Where in the world are you spending your 11.11.11?

11 Nov

For the past week I have been seeking an event that is not commercial, not political or not religious in nature with high difficulty.

It seems that a lot of companies and groups are taking advantage of the fun date and time that will never occur again on our lifetimes.

Global shared experiences would be the best route for me, and I’m happy to  out such as the ones set off by Flickr, One Day on Earth and 11elevenproject.

There’s also something for numerology freaks, and wish makers.

Scaremongers are saying it will be another end of the world.

Either way, it happens once in 100 years, so don’t waste your time on a cause or a person who doesn’t even care about you.

Also, have a fun, fun Friday – I know I will!


What I think of when I think of food (#BAD11)

16 Oct

For a huge part of our lives our thoughts would always be rotating around food in some fashion, inspite of your denial.

Growing up as a hackneyed latchkey kid staying at an extended family‘s compound with tons of cousins – I distinctly remember the bell ringing during summer vacation indicating that it’s time to eat.  Then we all head up the stairs to the 3rd floor in what I would describe now as a buffet.  Cousins, brothers, sisters,  Aunts and Uncles would then catch up on how their day was going.

It was a time to share part of your wishes, hopes, dreams and rants – quite a good way to bond with the rest of the clan.

I don’t remember being a picky eater then, so it doesn’t surprise me much that as an adult I’d always seek the local food for a new place I get to.

Strangest food I’ve tried hands down would be the Tamilok from Palawan. Worst food situation I have when I lived alone was when money was running out before payday and I would subsist with crackers, peanut butter and instant noodles.

Comfort food would be a really good pizza, greens with good vinegar-based dressing, sushi, a good slab of ribs or steak, anything chocolate and a variety of fish dishes (saucy or friend, man, I think of them now it’s way past midnight I think I need to eat again).

Fasting outside of health requirements for me is a huge disrespect to individuals that have limited or no access to and the blessings of food that is made available.

I am thankful that I have chances to eat these good things.  It’s such an awful thing to have leftovers that will go to waste, knowing as we speak there are thousands of people dying of hunger.

With the technology these days I await a good way to equally distribute food so that the resources consumed to produce is optimized.

Though Occupy Wall Street, Education and Poverty are quite popular topics to tackle now, none of these can be acted upon by those whose essential need to feed themselves are not met.

Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa, Ramadan, Si Cory, Isang Kaganapan at Isang Magaganap

1 Aug

Kaunting paumanhin sa mga banyagang makakabasa nito na hindi marunong gumamit ng mga teknolohiyang magsasalin ng mga salita sa wika na kanilang nais.

Ito na ang ikaapat na taon kong “panata” na mangusap sa ating pambansang wika, ngunit sa mga nakaraang taon, Linggo ng Wika lamang siya kaya mas madali.  Bakit ko siya ginagawa?  Wala lang?

Paliwanag para lalong madiin:  Mabisa itong panglibang kung masyadong teknikal ang aking gawain.  Naikukubli ko ang aking poot sa aking banyagang kinaiinisan dahil hindi niya ako maiintindihan.  Para siyang magsasanay ng pagiging malikhain para sa akin.  Kahit kumportable ako sa wikang ingles, napagtanto ko sa mga taong ito na masarap ring manatili sa sariling wika, kaparis ng mga Arabo, Indyano, Intsik, Pranses at iba pang mga bansang sikat ang lengguwahe.  Kung lahat ng mga salita ay may pagsasalin sa Filipino, matutuwa ako.

Kaya lang, mapapanindigan ko kaya ito? Abangan.

Di ako masyadong natuwa nung mga nakalipas na 2 Ramadan na nasa Muslim na bansa ako dahil natapat ito sa aking kaarawan.  Di kami masyadong makapagsaya dahil ang aming mga kapitbahay ay nagtitika.  Ni hindi ako makapagdala ng kaunting handa sa opisina dahil pasok siya sa oras na bawal kumain o uminom man lang ng tubig na makikita ng nangingilin.  Kailangan patago.  Bagaman nakakatakot ang mga kalsada dahil ang mga nagmamanehong nangingilin ay parang mga hibang sa gutom at uhaw papunta sa mga iftar, masaya pa rin makisalo sa kanila at ang kanilang mga salaysay ukol sa pagdiriwang na ito sa mundo ng ating mga Muslim na kapatid.

Ngayon din ginugunita ang ikalawang taong kamatayan ng Dating Pangulong Corazon Aquino. Di man ako lubusang natuwa sa lahat ng kanyang ginawa at tinuran, nakakabilib pa rin ang kanyang mga nakamtan bilang isang babae, isang asawa, isang ina, at pangulo ng bansa.

Ang kaganapan na tinutukoy ko sa aking huling paskil na may temang pulitika ay nangyari sa aking kaibigang nagtatrabaho sa ibang bansa. Nagkataong siya at ang kanyang banyaga ring kaibigan ay namamasyal nung may demonstrasyon na natampok sa mga pandaigdigang lathalain at telebisyon. Sila ay may dalang mga camera kaya’t nanguha sila ng mga litrato.

Makaraan ng dalawang linggo, sila ay dinampot ng militar. Walang kasong ihinabla ngunit kinumpisa ang kanyang camera at binura ang mga kuha nung demonstrasyon at sinabihang huwag ikuwento ang ginawa sa kanila kahit kanino, lalung-lalo na sa nagbabalita. Pinakawalan ang aking kaibigan ngunit ang kanyang kasama na mula sa isang bansa sa Europa ay nakapiit pa rin hanggang ngayon. O di ba nakakatakot?

Dun ako sa bansang yun tutungo sa mga darating na araw upang pansamantalang manirahan at magtrabaho. Yun ang magaganap. Nyahaha.

Babalitaan ko kayo sa mga susunod na pangyayari. Susubukan kong lumayo sa gulo sa abot ng aking makakaya, pangako!

The Mahaders Personal Declaration

19 Jun
Admittedly, there is a lot to be embarassed for in our country and with some of our fellowmen, but still, I’m glad I come from a culture and nature that is Philippines.


Mahaders literally means diva, and while that I am most of the time (sometimes the politically apt term is bitch), I put in my own definitions of the term. Some might think this is derogatory but I have embraced what I deem the word to mean.


Take me as I am or Watch me as I go

I am lazy on things I really do not want to do. I save my energies and passion for activities and causes that spark my mind’s eye and makes my heart beat a little bit faster. Same with everyone, I struggle to be unique so I can leave my own mark and be horribly missed when gone.


Non-Grokers need NOT apply

I will not dare explain the meaning of grok, please refer to Heinlein stuff to have an idea.


Building a life wherever I am

I have started travelling on my own to far away places to stay and work  for a while not knowing a soul.

Now, there are a lot of people in my life here so most of the time I am happy. There is always room for more people to trust my life with. I think I have found a handful already.

I am also passive-aggresively looking for my MacGyver/Michael Westen hybrid … who can:

  1. Really speak his mind whilst being inattentive to what his pants are sayin
  2. Deliberately NOT convince me to finally get paired
  3. Make my heart beat faster, my pants go boom, spark the rest of my body etcetera
  4. Give me this Diamond Solitaire set (hmmn maybe a smartly presented Cracker Jack set will suffice) I have been longing for


TANSTAAFL –There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

My UK Adventure

30 Oct

I felt almost guilty for going there for business travel with the current global financial situation.

Then again, my manager has successfully convinced me of the need to go and participate in an All Hands meeting, training and 1:1 session for all teams.  It is suspected that all of us have my sentiment, nonetheless, personal interactions do in fact have greater impact no matter how good technology is nowadays.

It is also a refreshing break especially for my current situation – morale points already shot 20% up despite the 8 hour flight upon arrival.

Main goal of the first day was to explore London while getting to know your colleagues.  There was the spirit of competitiveness (if you have an inkling of how strong my personality is, multiply that to 15 heads!) in the air.  Which was a good thing because it was a two-in-one.  If my manager has not cleverly designed this game, I would have extended my stay (with my personal funds) to go around the area.

Most of the photos are now in my Facebook.  I may post in Multiply and/or Spaces.Live.Com the other pictures.

That afternoon, everybody’s feet were aching for walking the entire day.  Which was ended by a sumptuous all you can eat grilled meat at the O2 arena.  Perfect.

Second day is fun too – can’t discuss much of the work side here though.  It was noted that everyone’s feet were still aching from the previous day’s adventure.  In the evening, we went for dinner and clubbing afterwards.

People were warm and accommodating.  I hadn’t expected that at all (See?  I too am a racist sometimes) so it was a pleasant surprise.

I can’t get over the flight getting delayed for almost an hour, the time zone difference but overall, this trip had served it’s purpose: I HAD FUN 


So let me end this with a prayer:

May God Grant…
To The Living – Grace
To The Departed – Rest
To The Church & The World – Peace and Concord
And To His Sinners – Eternal Life

People make me happy.

27 Sep

With their love, care, humor, challenge and existence.

So now, I’m currently making a photo project – isolating the best of the best. Will have them printed on the largest possible size and have them framed and placed on wherever my eyes will land on at my flat.

Join us on our Journey to Happy Thoughts!

11 Mar

After finishing a glass of Strawberry Margarilla at Grilla (Robinsons Pioneer),

we get to realize that the events for the past three months has left most of the team (those who matter to us anyway) full of sadness to the point of not being able to think straight.

There are a lot of things missing, moments lost forever, and a lot of uncertainty going around. These then has forced people into going towards into a downward spiral of dejection and worry. Current efforts to “explain” this away does not really help.

As such, we have resolved into reinjecting the good old days where we have an outlet to vent and to kid around. Not to escape, but to provide a rainbow of hope for those who choose to remain.

We invite everyone to share with the rest of the world their happiest thoughts, jokes, moments, comments or suggestions.


27 May

I have always wanted to learn how to swim.

It’s always a pity during outings that I only dip, I never go to the deep parts at the beach, or if I do I never leave the gutter at the pool.  All because I was afraid of drowing.

Last year I paid 50% on a professional swimming class. Darn it, work got in the way, and I never even attended the first session. So for the summer last year I went to places that had pools and dipping was the best that I could do.


But this summer, I didn’t enroll, good thing I had buddies who have the same plight.  We searched high and low for a place to go.  And we have.  An plus factor here is we also found TIME to actually start it, do it, and stick with it. 

Hopefully in a month’s time we’d be real swimmers–finally.

What I’ve learned/achieved so far:

  1. Breathing.  It’s the main point on learning to swim.
  2. Not losing your balance. (Geez just last Saturday I fell with all my dry clothes!  Too excited I guess.)
  3. Being shameless on wearing swimsuits.  I don’t care anymore. I’ve accepted my body.
  4. Not being afraid to go on without air for a while.  Drowning ain’t likely because if you get afraid just stand up. Well, I practice only on places where I can stand.
  • Update (June 11, 2005) Thanks to Coach Des & Coach Leah, I can now backfloat.  Weeeee!

A Big Pile of Garbage inside and outside Payatas

19 Jul

Moving from http://lodrose.tripod.com/opinyon.html


So wat coconut?

Lam nyo ba as of today 205 na katao na ang nahuhukay sa libingang basurahan ng Payatas? At bumagsak na raw ang Camp Abubakar sa gobyerno?

Sino-sno nman ang mga salarin?

Sa Payatas, yung mga nakatira doon, yung nagtatapon ng basura doon (na kasali yata ako–pero kung nde doon itatapon saan? lahat nman ayaw pagtapunan ang lugar nila ng basura ng Metro Manila), at si Mathay (hehe nde maiwasan command responsibility yata yan). Sa mga nakatira doon, kapal nyo rin nmang humingi ng relocation site eh squatter nga kayo. Last time I checked e pagnanakaw ng lupa yon noh. Tapos hihingi kayo ng kapalit sa ninakaw ninyo. Hellow…

Sa MILF nman palabas lang nila Erap yan para bigyan sha ng emergency powers. Malaki yata kita don kung bawal na mag-TRO sa mga bidding bidding ng mga project doon sa Mindanao.

Walang kaibi-kaibigan, walang kamag-anak…urur! Cnong niloko mo? Hmp.

The only good news na nakita ko e yung pinalayang German hostage na maysakit. Pero nde pa rin full good kse nakalaya nga sha bihag pa rin hubby and child nya.

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