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Aren’t we all OCCUPY’d by now? (Updated Oct 22)

15 Oct
is symbolically used in the Philippines to rep...

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BREAKING:      Surprised to find on my FB inbox just now an Occupy Cairns (Australia) helper (I feel none of the people involved are actually tagging themselves as organizer) reaching out and expressing support.

We are the farmers and workers,
We are the OFW and small entrepreneurs,
We are the teachers and students,
We are the professionals and house-helpers,
We are the private and public employees,
We are the artists and self-employed,
We are the lower and middle classes,
We are the parents and children,
We are the people,
We are the impoverished, oppressed, and unheard,
We are the real Filipinos,
We are the 99%,
We are the real Juan dela Cruz!

Far as I understand it, the original protesters on Wall Street want to have their (99%) American Dream back from the greedy corporate (1%) who controls and benefits from their downfall.

They seek liberation from:

  1. The high interest on their huge student loans that they are unable to pay due to unemployment or underemployment;
  2. Foreclosure on default mortgage payments on their house
  3. Extension of welfare/medical coverage
  4. Bankruptcy
  5. Unfair competition on trade brought about by outsourcing/global trade agreements
Serious stuff.  Further magnified by social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Meetup, where Occupy meetings are organized and published.
Then obviously the rest of the world not only just sympathized, they too have their own versions.  Some even pointing out that though US is indeed in a lot of trouble right now, their worries are nothing (ah well that’s relative to the ones personally experiencing the situation, right?) compared to the famine in Africa, or even the local economy here in the Philippines or the rest of the world.
Either way, I support these people who has sad stories to tell.  I wish there’s a wand that can send all their troubles away.  Any geniuses out there who can figure out a cure, please come out NOW.
Occupy Wall Street:


23 Aug

Sa huling araw at gabi ng aking “Linggo ng Wika” –

Ipagpatawad ang aking matagal na pananahimik.  Lamang ay wala lang talaga akong masabi.  Ganun pa rin naman ang buhay ko, trabaho, bahay, bulakbol (biyahe, kain, inom, pasyal, sayaw, kanta, daldalan, kape).

Kung magtatanong ka ng buhay pag-ibig, kapatid, panahon na siguro upang matanto mong, kung hindi ako siguradong patungo sa kasalan ang aking kasalukuyang mga kalandian, wala akong maibabahagi sa inyo.  Ibalato niyo na lang muna yun sa akin ha.  Salamat sa inyong pang unawa at suporta.

Mas lalo lang pumayapa nung dinagdag kong kaibigan sa Facebook ang aking mga katrabahong pangkasalukuyan.  Ibig sabihi’y kailangang bantayan ang mga bawat masasabing pangyayari sa buhay at mga larawang nakapaskel.  Hehehe.

Pinag-iisipan ko ang magandang paraan upang ipagdiwang ang aking nalalapit na namang kaarawan.

1. Tabas ng tiyan (Liposuction)

2. Biyahe

3. Kung anu-anong bilihin – bestida, bag, sapatos, relo, kuwintas, hikaw, relo, telepono, printer, wireless router, nintendo wii

4. Wala – bawa’t araw namang natatanto kong buhay pa pala ako ay isang nakatutuwang regalo – akalain mo nakatatagal pa ako ng ganito 

5. Di ko pa naisip baka may iba pang magandang bilhin/gawin/puntahan

Ikalawang Ramadan.  Mas maraming oras na makakapagmuni-muni dahil mas kaunting oras lamang ang trabaho.  Lagot.  Malamang Nintendo Wii na ito.  Hehehe.

Ah! A Challenge! Bring it on!

24 Mar
Maybe you have an impulse to go and check this site out…

Maybe not…

Though things are getting a little better around here, there are still uncertainties that have yet to bring a sense of security for those who resolve to remain…

Then again, this site is only dedicated to Happy Thoughts hence…

There’s a MAN AUCTION over the weekend in Cebu (see, there is some sense to the monies I’ve been saving for all this time!) Bwahahaha…


Realizations – 10

10 Nov
  • PMS’ing is fun  – you will get to the point of trying to decide either to bring out a shotgun and start shooting everybody or dropping a plugged in hairdryer on the bath while soaked on it – SEE!  SEE!?  You almost wet your pants there thinking/reading about what I just said
  • Next week (on the 18th) marks my 6th month as an OFW! I NEVER imagined I’d be in this place doing what I do away from home!
  • Just now, I did something I never thought I’d do again.  Hint: A personal career hobby ever since and another hint – Environmental and LIGHT!  Wahahaha don’t even guess because a la Britney Murphy – I’ll never tell…
  • Watching A.I. (Haley Joel Osment) – Such a good reminder that if you really want something with the best of intentions, the universe will find a way to give it to you. So thanks Mao for that lovely note on Patience.

My UK Adventure

30 Oct

I felt almost guilty for going there for business travel with the current global financial situation.

Then again, my manager has successfully convinced me of the need to go and participate in an All Hands meeting, training and 1:1 session for all teams.  It is suspected that all of us have my sentiment, nonetheless, personal interactions do in fact have greater impact no matter how good technology is nowadays.

It is also a refreshing break especially for my current situation – morale points already shot 20% up despite the 8 hour flight upon arrival.

Main goal of the first day was to explore London while getting to know your colleagues.  There was the spirit of competitiveness (if you have an inkling of how strong my personality is, multiply that to 15 heads!) in the air.  Which was a good thing because it was a two-in-one.  If my manager has not cleverly designed this game, I would have extended my stay (with my personal funds) to go around the area.

Most of the photos are now in my Facebook.  I may post in Multiply and/or Spaces.Live.Com the other pictures.

That afternoon, everybody’s feet were aching for walking the entire day.  Which was ended by a sumptuous all you can eat grilled meat at the O2 arena.  Perfect.

Second day is fun too – can’t discuss much of the work side here though.  It was noted that everyone’s feet were still aching from the previous day’s adventure.  In the evening, we went for dinner and clubbing afterwards.

People were warm and accommodating.  I hadn’t expected that at all (See?  I too am a racist sometimes) so it was a pleasant surprise.

I can’t get over the flight getting delayed for almost an hour, the time zone difference but overall, this trip had served it’s purpose: I HAD FUN 


So let me end this with a prayer:

May God Grant…
To The Living – Grace
To The Departed – Rest
To The Church & The World – Peace and Concord
And To His Sinners – Eternal Life

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