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Aren’t we all OCCUPY’d by now? (Updated Oct 22)

15 Oct
is symbolically used in the Philippines to rep...

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BREAKING:      Surprised to find on my FB inbox just now an Occupy Cairns (Australia) helper (I feel none of the people involved are actually tagging themselves as organizer) reaching out and expressing support.

We are the farmers and workers,
We are the OFW and small entrepreneurs,
We are the teachers and students,
We are the professionals and house-helpers,
We are the private and public employees,
We are the artists and self-employed,
We are the lower and middle classes,
We are the parents and children,
We are the people,
We are the impoverished, oppressed, and unheard,
We are the real Filipinos,
We are the 99%,
We are the real Juan dela Cruz!

Far as I understand it, the original protesters on Wall Street want to have their (99%) American Dream back from the greedy corporate (1%) who controls and benefits from their downfall.

They seek liberation from:

  1. The high interest on their huge student loans that they are unable to pay due to unemployment or underemployment;
  2. Foreclosure on default mortgage payments on their house
  3. Extension of welfare/medical coverage
  4. Bankruptcy
  5. Unfair competition on trade brought about by outsourcing/global trade agreements
Serious stuff.  Further magnified by social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Meetup, where Occupy meetings are organized and published.
Then obviously the rest of the world not only just sympathized, they too have their own versions.  Some even pointing out that though US is indeed in a lot of trouble right now, their worries are nothing (ah well that’s relative to the ones personally experiencing the situation, right?) compared to the famine in Africa, or even the local economy here in the Philippines or the rest of the world.
Either way, I support these people who has sad stories to tell.  I wish there’s a wand that can send all their troubles away.  Any geniuses out there who can figure out a cure, please come out NOW.
Occupy Wall Street:

Honey, I’m Home =)

5 May

Flew back for good from Dubai a week ago.

Though the weather in Manila now seems a lot like how it was there, here is now so much better as I AM HOME.

My boxes are untouched as like when I was packing, I don’t know where to start!

Some things I noticed:

Most of the friends I’ve left here have gone some place else too, except for a few close ones who have held their own as we were physically distant.  It kind of feels like socially, I’m starting again from scratch, which is something I never would think of doing before working and staying overseas long term.

Work is another matter.  I’ve been postponing making a decision until I got here.  Yes, I used an offer from my employer’s local office as my ticket home.  Knowing the role and what to expect, it wasn’t as enticing as moving yet again to a third country and keeping a busy/boring job (you know what I mean).  I tried it for two years man, it’s just not me.

So now, my decision – crossroads.  Shitty scary but exhilirating.  Then there’s acting as Chief Foreman to my 3BR Flat.  Construction is on-going, I wasn’t too motivated last year as I were overseas.

My family is one proof that people don’t change.  I was missed, but the moment I got back it feels like I never left.  Which is nice.  The only irreplaceable gap is the void that Papa has left behind.

Of course you ask, do I miss my Dubai life?  I’d be lying if I say I didn’t – missing my friends and the luxuries more than anything.  However, I am happier here.  Obviously I’m one of your kooky friends.

A Second look at Dubai Metro

30 Sep

When I moved to Dubai for work last year, the first modern city feature I searched for was the train system. Finding none yet and seeing the construction along Sheikh Zayed, I blurted, “What a letdown for a city claiming how rich and modern it was!” No, this wasn’t the negativity acquired from hanging around with your off-the-mill Dubai Bashers though. Knowing the Dubai Road and Traffic system from my regular “Russian Roulette” (read: Dubai Taxi) rides and at least 20 driving Sessions, I really had high hopes and waited for the Metro to open to guarantee that I will never need to drive in this place. Lady Luck gave me a good smile, I did not need to drive for the past year.

Fast forward September 2009, finally, the Dubai Metro opens. I was disappointed that they have decided to postpone opening the stations nearest my office and home as it has kept me loyal to Russian Roulette. Still, I was looking forward to trying it out and see if it can be a part of my daily living, as I was an avid commuter of the MRT in Manila.

I ran into several whiners complaining so I’ve made a little list about it (and my thought bubble each time I heard it):

1. Too slow – “Are you insane? Shouldn’t you be amazed they’ve got it running?!”
2. Too crowded – “So we can now heckle previous surveys coming out that this Metro was a dumb idea and who would use it!”
3. Too smelly – Hahaha, can’t help you on that one, but you have a choice to move your butt or just take it.

Overall my ride was quite pleasant and without issues, so let me share my tips to fellow Pinoy who want to enjoy the ride:

1. Peak hours being 6:30-8:30am, 12:30-2pm and 5:30-9pm
2. Take your first Metro ride as a tourist (non-peak hours ideally), with an open mind, flexible timetables and tons of patience.
3. The Gold Class will be in the first coach South (Rashidiya) to North (Nakheel Harbor and Tower)
4. The Women & children class will be on the second coach
5. I timed the ride back from Rashidiya to Nakheel as a little over an hour – which is not bad at all!
6. Hungry? There are convenience stores at the stations but you are prohibited from bringing your food outside the store.
7. Want to smoke? Do it some place else, it is prohibited in the Metro.
8. Off to the airport? They can only accommodate hand luggage, anything more, you’d need Russian Roulette
9. Feeder buses are great too – you should try them out.

Tax Season

15 Apr

Moving from http://lodrose.tripod.com/opinyon.htm


It’s tax season again! Did you pay your taxes, or do you pay taxes?

Why should we? What’s taxes for? To line the pockets of our corrupt/inutile government officials? To pay for the airplane fares of our travelling President(s)? Or for whatever cause the Budget Department would allot?

Via Microsoft Word, I learned that words that could replace tax are BURDEN, DUTY, RESPONSIBILITY. Such strong words, but again, why is this burden placed upon us?

I am probably biased with this as it has become almost second nature for me to suspect the government’s judgment in dealing with money. Not because of current events which would back up this idea. Though I think it’s not the government actually but more of the people running it.

The BIR claims these taxes are for the people. See the MRT, the flyovers, and the so-called projects of the government, local or national? These, they claim, is where our taxes go. Then how come when we see these “projects” being built, it has a sign that says “this FACILITY is brought to you by the “honorable” government official. YOU should be thankful.”? Sounds to me like he’s telling us that the money used to make the facility came from his frigging pocket! The nerve!

Or in some cases, the “projects” are substandard (in Filipino: kinupitan o mas cheap na gamit ang nilagay) and would have to be rebuilt again (another source of “kupit”).

Ganito na ang tono ko. You may think I’m not into paying taxes anymore. Sorry to disappoint you, pero law-abiding pa rin naman ako pagdating sa buwis. Ipokrita ba? Nde ah. Kse naman it’s automatically deducted from my kakarampot salary eh. Kainis nga.

Pero kahit ganito ang tono ko, I am still hoping, HOPING, that somehow the taxes that we pay do return to us in terms of real benefits. Yung walang naaapi, walang agrabyado, walang mahirap.

Ha? E di komunista na pag ganon! Ayoko naman yata. Balita ko parang mas grabe pag komunista. Walang mahirap at walang mayaman. Grabe!

E papaano naman tayo mang-iinggit ng kapwa kung pare-pareho tayo ng estado sa buhay? And what would our reason for striving if things are like that? Nde rin exciting no?

Ugh, whatever.

Claire Danes and Kim Atienza

19 Nov

Moving from http://lodrose.tripod.com/opinyon.htm  Once upon a time when blogs were not called as such and blog posts did not have titles


Hate ko ang mga taga-Manila Council People for banning the showing of Claire Danes movies in Manila and for declaring her persona non grata. Ambababaw nyo! Why don’t you get busy wid more pressing issues? Wala na ba talaga kayong magawa? Mga asar talong mga panget! Pikoners Kadiri!

Ngayon if by chance e nakasakit akong damdamin ng ibang bumabasa nito (pero I doubt it kse naman mga manhid lang ang bibirahin ko todits)…sorry ka na lang. E sa yon ang opinyon ko eh. At kung talagang naiinis ka sa sinabi ko dito mag a la Kim Atienza ka na todo publicity sa media tungkol sa panlalait ni Claire Danes sa mga Pinoy sa buong mundo. If Pinoys would be judged on the basis of these honorable men’s behavior, malamang ngang the world would agree na “ghastly” tayo noh.

So if you must complain, see if I care.


Claire Danes was then promoting for Brokedown Palace, a movie she made with then unknown Kate Beckinsale about drug smuggling in Thailand.  Filming was done in the Philippines and she was describing how disgusting their set was – full of cockroaches and smelled of urine and other unmentionable things. 


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