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DoLE Secretary’s Approval Required for Foreign Employer Direct Hires

2 Feb

This is a good illustration of consequences where Policies are put into place by people in authority WITHOUT DOING THEIR FREAKING HOMEWORK

The policy guidelines issued by the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA) underMemorandum Circular No. 4 took effect on January 15. It basically imposes qualifications and restrictions for Foreign Employers hiring Filipino workers without going through the POEA for processing of job orders and contracts, putting them at the mercy of recruitment agencies and discrimination from Foreign Employers.

The latest on this:



Now, yes, those are on the embassies, but there is irreparable damage as not all Foreign Companies are aware of this amendment.

Off with their heads!  Harharhar.

Now, what can we do as individuals here to solve this?  I invite you to sign this online petition to send the message to these authorities that what they did AIN’T HELPING and is aggravating the situation.



Claire Danes and Kim Atienza

19 Nov

Moving from http://lodrose.tripod.com/opinyon.htm  Once upon a time when blogs were not called as such and blog posts did not have titles


Hate ko ang mga taga-Manila Council People for banning the showing of Claire Danes movies in Manila and for declaring her persona non grata. Ambababaw nyo! Why don’t you get busy wid more pressing issues? Wala na ba talaga kayong magawa? Mga asar talong mga panget! Pikoners Kadiri!

Ngayon if by chance e nakasakit akong damdamin ng ibang bumabasa nito (pero I doubt it kse naman mga manhid lang ang bibirahin ko todits)…sorry ka na lang. E sa yon ang opinyon ko eh. At kung talagang naiinis ka sa sinabi ko dito mag a la Kim Atienza ka na todo publicity sa media tungkol sa panlalait ni Claire Danes sa mga Pinoy sa buong mundo. If Pinoys would be judged on the basis of these honorable men’s behavior, malamang ngang the world would agree na “ghastly” tayo noh.

So if you must complain, see if I care.


Claire Danes was then promoting for Brokedown Palace, a movie she made with then unknown Kate Beckinsale about drug smuggling in Thailand.  Filming was done in the Philippines and she was describing how disgusting their set was – full of cockroaches and smelled of urine and other unmentionable things. 


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