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What I think of when I think of food (#BAD11)

16 Oct

For a huge part of our lives our thoughts would always be rotating around food in some fashion, inspite of your denial.

Growing up as a hackneyed latchkey kid staying at an extended family‘s compound with tons of cousins – I distinctly remember the bell ringing during summer vacation indicating that it’s time to eat.  Then we all head up the stairs to the 3rd floor in what I would describe now as a buffet.  Cousins, brothers, sisters,  Aunts and Uncles would then catch up on how their day was going.

It was a time to share part of your wishes, hopes, dreams and rants – quite a good way to bond with the rest of the clan.

I don’t remember being a picky eater then, so it doesn’t surprise me much that as an adult I’d always seek the local food for a new place I get to.

Strangest food I’ve tried hands down would be the Tamilok from Palawan. Worst food situation I have when I lived alone was when money was running out before payday and I would subsist with crackers, peanut butter and instant noodles.

Comfort food would be a really good pizza, greens with good vinegar-based dressing, sushi, a good slab of ribs or steak, anything chocolate and a variety of fish dishes (saucy or friend, man, I think of them now it’s way past midnight I think I need to eat again).

Fasting outside of health requirements for me is a huge disrespect to individuals that have limited or no access to and the blessings of food that is made available.

I am thankful that I have chances to eat these good things.  It’s such an awful thing to have leftovers that will go to waste, knowing as we speak there are thousands of people dying of hunger.

With the technology these days I await a good way to equally distribute food so that the resources consumed to produce is optimized.

Though Occupy Wall Street, Education and Poverty are quite popular topics to tackle now, none of these can be acted upon by those whose essential need to feed themselves are not met.


Happy Father’s Day, PAPA!

15 Jun

I have learned a lot from you, though your method of teaching is hmmn, not so traditional.

It has been painful for you to walk for a few years now so your moving around activities are limited to the house, sitting on your chair in front of it and going to and from the neighborhood store.  You’re turning 77 this July.  Your elder sister died a few weeks ago.

You’ve been ill a couple of days back and had difficulties getting up from bed.  Now they say you can barely hear and people yell at you by default for you to be able to understand what they’re saying.  This is freaking me out so I have to go do this.  I hope you appreciate it.

A few months ago, I went and asked you that if your life had been different, what would you see yourself doing other than this life you have now?

You have a ready, curt no-nonsense, four-letter word answer that I refuse to share with everybody – it’s mine!

Looking at it now, I should have apologized for laughing my ass of out of what you said.  I am sorry.  I did not understand then.  I do now.

Your life had been a series of challenges since you were young and without a good pair of parents (be it their fault or not) that might have made your life easier.  That’s no excuse to get deep into a series of alcohol-induced stupor.  Adolescence, even adulthood did not offer additional comfort and or has even made you used to uhmm…well…what you’re used to.  Then comes your fairy-tale wedding.  Eventually it grew to a family.  I just happened to be on that unit. This marriage and family grew.

At times I think I thirst for what might have been (and since you’re still alive – this could very well improve – I can hope, right?) our interactions because I am often told I’ve always been your favorite.  I have no blame but gratitude and the ever constant need & compulsion to take care of you.

But since I’m miles away (and you can’t hear me on the phone or even on the webcam), let me tell you this:

As you have always done alone since you were young, keep taking care of yourself.

And oh, I LOVE YOU.

Post Mortem Crush Anatomy

24 Dec

My day is guaranteed to brigthen up if I have somebody to look forward interacting with each day so I made sure I had a lots and lots of crushes around.

Be it at work, in my neighborhood, at my parent’s house’s neighborhood or the threads I hang around at – there will always be several guys who will manage to catch my fancy.  Usually it is their brains or something they do that was carefully thought of.  I will never say out loud the names of these guys (not even to my closest of closest friends), just their codenames so I am never found out.

Superficially, there are also some cute or good smelling guys that I usually proclaim as someone I adore.  You, my dear reader, have probably come across into me gushing about them using the prefix Fafa.  At the end of the day though, these are not the guys I would like to be with because I humanize them – get to know a lot about what this guy can do and find out if they pass and realize –  ah, other than the qualities that made me take a second look in the first place IS NOT enough.

For almost 16 months, I happened to come across one guy who, in my perception, was a combination of both.  I always heard good stuff about him, and he happened to be cute.  So, I did my best to increase interactions, in an attempt to humanize him to see if I should pursue investing an emotional attachment on this person.

In the past couple of weeks, I have managed to humanize him and sadly, he failed.  The good stuff I heard, when looked up close, is starting to unfold as very far from what he really is.  All good press and what a let-down!

At this point, I would think that it ought to be a relief since the guy is in a relationship.  No more need to resort to “Sulot” strategies and stabs at my conscience.

It is just a pity, that’s all.  One less IDEAL guy to look forward to get in contact with each day.  Haaay.  Looks like I need to search for this good combo.

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