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Senior Year & Being a Woman, many years thereabouts after High School

7 Mar

Today’s Blog joins in the Celebration of the 100th International Women’s Day on March 8, 2011

*Opinions expressed here do not represent those writers and artists involved on the movie “Senior Year” that incidentally opens March 9 to selected SM Cinemas nationwide (Sm Megamall, Mall of Asia, North, Sta Mesa, Manila, Cebu, Davao, Pampanga, Clark,, Fairview Bacoor and Southmall in the Philippines) .  I decided to link these two themes together as the movie inspired the starting point of my journey from a girl to a woman

I honestly had hesitations attending the movie premiere of a local independent movie film SENIOR YEAR, seeing that it’s a high school coming-of-age movie, the attending crowd would be in majority a bunch of kids and a possibility that some of them will be those feeling entitled ones.  Thanks to Associate Producer Bevlee Tañedo for saving tickets for me & my friend so we can watch it J

Though the movie is marketed to reach out to the young, may I recommend those a tad older to come explore too?  Simple as the plot and stories of these young kids as compared to how dramatic our problems may have become as we grow older, it’s a good reminder of what we used to be, what we’ve become and the possibilities still of what may happen in our future.

I find spoilers unethical so other than mentioning that the movie revolves around the lives of high school senior students and the issues they face as they transition onto college.  Stories of confusion over community cliques, personal relationships, gender confusion, puppy love and academic achievement abound.  Come to think of it, I realize you still have to face these issues as you grow older.  High school is but one place to start getting used to it and making sure you survive.

If there is anything I would change on the film, it would be to instill a clearer transition from the former versions of the Seniors to the Current Persons as often times I get confused as to who and what is talking about including which timeline are we on.  I’m assuming it’s an artistic stunt done by the writer-director reminiscent of the time-jumping Heroes or even Quantum Leap or even just a simple flashback.  For the story to work this needs to be crystal clear, especially to the simplest of minds who may be watching, otherwise you lose and spoil the story for them forever.

Now we go to the present, 2011, where you’d see women presidents or other positions in power say it corporate or politics.  Who would’ve thought that it will become commonplace the while we were in high school?

Coming from a poor family, there was indeed a disconnect on how to seek women development before, such that I too was told that going further from high school is optional – I was going to get married and have babies anyway, so what’s the point?  Instead of taking offense for the practicality of that logic, I accepted it as a challenge to work hard then pitch and pitch why I needed to take up further studies, even my plan to make myself richer than all my family’s wildest dreams combined.  Parts of that dream are being realized now, yet the movie seems to draw me back and speculate what may have happened if I merely took for a fact what was given to me.  I also wonder if there are still girls who continue to experience the same troubles as I when they express intent on going further with their studies, and who coaches or cheers them on to not surrender on their dreams because they’re women.

Going further from that, as I talked to Middle East high school girls during my DigiGirlz stint with Microsoft Dubai, there are new issues that comes with being a modern woman – juggling career, family, spiritual responsibilities and a healthy personal life (and figure!).  Most of the married colleagues I know make their active choice and live by it each day.   Some seek help while some surrender and let one or a combination of these things slide.  For single ladies such as myself, given the freedom  we have gained through education and professional experience, we still encounter “well-meaning” groups and individuals who would take the path of saying we should do this and that simply because we’re women.

Sometimes I think the rendition of the modern woman as depicted in “Sex & the City” had gone obsolete and gender expectations are back pre-medieval, or maybe not that far, just back in high school, the timeline of the movie.  I don’t mean the sexually promiscuous type (not that I’m against it, your body, your rules) but the highly educated and independent woman on top of her world.

Empowerment is indeed flourishing, yet we don’t really know what to do with this “power” or how to handle it while keeping ourselves sane.  At the most, I will say we still have a long way to go and create a new sense of direction. It is however comforting to know that there is a huge community of women & men out there having that same feeling and ready to support you.

Count yourselves in on the celebration online and offline by signing up on this link:


It’s still International Women’s Month for the rest of March (yeah, alongside Philippines’ Fire Prevention Month – haha) so have fun being ladies and enjoy that time!


DigiGirlz Dubai (2009)

29 Apr

Part of why I sooo love my current job and company now – I really get to do different things and work with a really diverse group of people – it challenges me to give out the best everytime.

I mentioned this event a few weeks back as I was so excited – I really had a blast.

The Microsoft Dynamics DigiGirlz Dubai booth at the Marketplace, designed, setup and manned by moi – is a hit amongst Emirati high school girls J

They didn’t want to look at the Entertainment and Gaming products as much lol – they know too much about it already.

No current business impact unfortunately, but I am seeing a lot of future clients in a few years – cheers to starting on them early!

Some articles about the event:




So for those who are still following my posts who are curious as to how I’m doing  (salamat), – a picture paints a thousand words!  Time for me to shut up then and let the collage tell its story 🙂

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