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People make me happy.

27 Sep

With their love, care, humor, challenge and existence.

So now, I’m currently making a photo project – isolating the best of the best. Will have them printed on the largest possible size and have them framed and placed on wherever my eyes will land on at my flat.

Join us on our Journey to Happy Thoughts!

11 Mar

After finishing a glass of Strawberry Margarilla at Grilla (Robinsons Pioneer),

we get to realize that the events for the past three months has left most of the team (those who matter to us anyway) full of sadness to the point of not being able to think straight.

There are a lot of things missing, moments lost forever, and a lot of uncertainty going around. These then has forced people into going towards into a downward spiral of dejection and worry. Current efforts to “explain” this away does not really help.

As such, we have resolved into reinjecting the good old days where we have an outlet to vent and to kid around. Not to escape, but to provide a rainbow of hope for those who choose to remain.

We invite everyone to share with the rest of the world their happiest thoughts, jokes, moments, comments or suggestions.

Realizations – 5

7 May
  • Can’t seem to blog anymore.  I always have several moments during the day when I would think – ha, this is a nice topic for my blog.  But I’m here now, then nothing pops up.
  • Internet cafes – a lot of people sit side by side with each other connecting to far sides of the world – yet barely know or even acknowledge the existence of the person beside them.  That’s connectivity for you.
  • Gloating – recently came across a former colleague and couldn’t help myself “kicking him in the balls”
  • The bar scene – never enjoyed it and probably never will.  Too noisy for me.  Gosh – another sign that I’m getting old.
  • Bestest friends going on 30 – on a separate post when I get 30.  At the top of my head screaming is: Where the f*ck did the 10 years go?
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