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8 Jan

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7 Jan

26 amazing startups you need to watch in 2014

2 Jan

Quit Your Job, Now: New Observer Columnist Shares Six Reasons You Gotta Go

10 Oct

And this is why the act of quitting jobs is a joyous activity.

Nestlé chairman says water is not a human right

23 Apr

Hi folks!
Apologies for the long silence. Just busy is all. I just can’t get over this so thought to share.
Posting something really personal soon.

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In a candid interview for the documentary We Feed the World, Nestlé Chairman Peter Brabeck makes the astonishing claim that water isn’t a human right. He attacks the idea that nature is good, and says it is a great achievement that humans are now able to resist nature’s dominance. He attacks organic agriculture and says genetic modification is better.

Nestlé is the world’s biggest bottler of water. Brabeck claims – correctly – that water is the most important raw material in the world. However he then goes on to say that privatisation is the best way to ensure fair distribution. He claims that the idea that water is a human right comes from “extremist” NGOs. Water is a foodstuff like any other, and should have a market value.

He believes that the ultimate social responsibility of any Chairman is to make as much profit as possible, so that people…

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Decide the outcome of Apple v. Samsung with this handy flow chart

19 Aug

At first this was kind of amusing, then it went forever, and now I just want competing parties to conduct a Hunger Games battle with only one left standing.

I wonder who would win?

Hey yo!

5 Aug

Still here.

Just busy is all. Activities not listed from previous blog post:

Gawad Kalinga CSI Social Innovation Camp
Malaysian Embassy
GK CSI Night
Enchanted Farm Cafe
Pinay & Proud
Alan Turing
GKNomics Forum
PVG Bataan
Subic Yacht Club
Jacinto & Lirio
Pico de Loro
The Autotelic Project
Cebu – Terra Manna & Treehouse
Teaching Sales at MINT College
IT Log Park etc
MIT AITI Final Showcase
Kickstart Startup Mixer
Google Philippines
Children’s Hour at Mind Museum

Finding time soon.

Love and light.

Engkwentro (Encounters)

18 Jun

If we are to successfully sustain ourselves to be human beings, we need to be able to adequately cope with everyday encounters and retain our sense of well-being.

For some odd reason, adverse encounters are frequent in occurance due to differences in perception and how adjustments needed to deal with the variety these are communicated to the other party.

Hmmm, okay, before this post turns out as a pretentious article with me pretending to be a psyche expert, NO. I just wanted to list the most pleasant events/encounters I’ve experienced and would like to highlight from the past months:

  1. Weddings
  2. Philippine Satellite
  3. Some of my TECH StartUps are starting to fly
  4. Some stuff at the daytime gig office
  5. Couchsurfing Outreach Programs
  6. Mount Pulag Climb with Travel Bloggers & Photographers
  7. Couchsurfing Party Jeepney
  8. IdeaSpace
  9. Lunches, Dinners, Concerts & Movies
  10. IdeaLab & EntrepsbuildPH
  11. White Rock Beach Resort Subic with Family
  12. Haribon
  13. TEDxKatipunan
  14. PHL360

So not busy writing diaries because busy living it out.  Hopefully in the next few days I will have links sharing stories about these (or surrender and combine everything to this post.  Or these keeps up and I honestly won’t have time to share (you may follow my Twitter or Facebook for a more real time account.

Either way, I do wish that all who have time to look at this to have the same sense of clarity and contentment I am awash with lately. 

Truly, the universe is generously abundant with the blessings coming on into my life. I appreciate with great joy and I ask for more, please 🙂

Also, a Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary today to my parents.

Light and Freedom

18 May

(Day 18 of Mindful in May)

I’m going to be pretty vague about this one and focus on the feelings because I will be hitting on a specific reader’s toes if I get into any more detail.

The tone I’ve been using on the past few entries have been really dark so instead of trying to keep keeping on like that, I just shut up and let light come in to take care of me.

It is not one instant event given the overwhelming hesitation, uncertainty and mistrust on people and the world had previously appeared to be. The negative forces had been quite active on being too noisy that the tiny person holding the light can barely speak. This then resulted in panic and despair.

A quick trip to the columbarium and a monologue having my father’s ashes as audience was all it took to make me dump every single noise, to qualify its significance in my life, to quash my preconceived notions of what and how should it be and how I should react when people believe it should.

No hagulgol crying was made on this unloading, but I felt tons lighter, my world got more space to be a little more brighter, and that general sense of I-don’t-give-a-flying-fart-I-can-do-anything sense of invincibility has come in and decided to stay once more. 

It’s a pleasant feeling. Like the sound of the heavens when you’re summitting before sunrise.  Like the gentle breeze of the sea as you walk on the beach.  Like the almost flirty tones of the birds chirping.  Like the steadiness of the water as it flows through the stream.

So world, good and bad, I am sooo back and ready to take you on again in full force.  Bring it.


It’s Not So Peachy Anymore

3 Apr

Farewell and Thank You

For being that scaredy male cat who answers a girly name.
For taking your time in getting over that fear of my booming voice you used to have when we first met.
For grabbing that tiny bird and eating it whole a couple of weeks back.
For keeping me company when I woke up super early that Saturday morning eventhough you’ve been horribly sick these couple of weeks no thanks to this awful weather.

I’ll keep this video of you and have a chuckle each time I’ll get a chance to see you once more.


Till we meet again.

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