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Day of the Dead in a world of the 7 Billion People Living

1 Nov

Church and political elders are to blame the need to assign separate days for Halloween, All Saints Day and All Souls Day.  They wanted to control our beliefs so they set these stupid traditions as a reinforcement of their power to impact our lives each day.

We have two dead family members: An elder brother who was stillborn some years before I was born and my father, who died July 2008. There’s no longing feeling for either of them, and don’t go self-righteous to say I’m heartless or whatever. The elder brother, I never met, my father, I remember him almost every single day with envy and joy, him being in the after life if there’s such a place – so I don’t need a holiday as an excuse.

A few days back while on the beach, I tweeted, “…for the dead don’t give a shit!”  This is what I choose to believe. If they do, and any of the dead were like me, things would be a little different:

  • Only the actual dead would be allowed to ask for candy, and will be given when they tell us where they hid the goddam keys
  • The fellas who wear a “sexy ____” halloween costume should “get some”
  • Remakes of any sort will be banned – when a thing has come past, let it be gone forever, just like the dead now
  • Those benefiting from the dead will be stripped of that specific advantage to level the playing field
  • Cemeteries & columbaries would be rendered obsolete – in such a congested world, I’d rather be a fertilizer or mixed in animal feed
  • Yes for Halloween parties, but please not under the pretense that its on the dead’s honor, man up & admit it’s all for you, the undead
  • More online memorials for the dead, appreciating the e-dalaw and e-burial initiaves happening here in the Philippines for the jailbirds and the OFWs

So, in an undetermined time today, we’ll go visit my father’s ashes, celebrate mass & grab some grub. Meh. If my father were alive, he’d rather stay at home, enjoy some rum and cigarette.

For my brother that I’ve still yet to visit ever (Remember that story I shared a few years back on the circumstances surrounding his death?), I do remember you once in a while, wondering what you may have been if you held on, how you would react to what is happening here in the land of the living.

What’s weird now, probably part of growing old, is that I don’t have scary thoughts associated with the dead, death or the afterlife. It’s how I get there is what I’m more afraid of, and mostly the violent, criminal elements of the living.

I’ll be going around today and make a fun to-do-list for next year.

7 Billion People in the world, that is a scary thought, even if none of us are literal zombies yet. What about the food, the space, the ability to live humanely literally competing against each other to survive?   But that’s another long blog post so go have your fun today with your dead and live to fight another day.


Baffling Undas

31 Oct

This was one of those holidays that I never really gave a big fuss about growing up. Though we were raised in a small community in the city, it wasn’t as westernized as most call centers/BPOs/other multinationals are taking it these days so no festivities much.

What I knew was that people just go to the cemetery to stay over and visit their dead, with tons of stuff like going on a holiday. Not really understanding why. We never did do that as my immediate family was complete – my father’s parents were long dead & buried at the province while my mother’s parents were also buried in the province. It did not seem important to them to go out of town and visit their dead. But there were at least a dozen candles lit at the evening of All Saint’s Day.

Trivia:  Candle lightings and cemetery visits happen on All Saint’s Day, which is not the genuine English translation of “Araw ng Kaluluwa”.  All Souls Day actually occurs a day after, which is not a holiday.  Weird.

So I spend a couple of years overseas, the only event highlighted would be Halloween, which is tonight.  Lots of drama thinking up, acquiring and donning on costumes.  No trick or treat for adults though. 

Freakiest halloweeny activity I’ve seen would be the Pink “Kabaong” (Casket) fitting at St. Peter’s Funeral Homes.  Want to practice being dead?  Try their caskets on for size.  Talk about being morbidly mortified.  These guys even have a TV commercial campaign last year that I’d rather not link you to.  If you want to see, it’s still online – search for it.

My “trick” this year was putting superglue on my father’s crypt’s flowerholder.  It hasn’t been once when we visit that we notice the it was unscrewed and gone.  So this time I intently put on the sticky substance on the holder part before screwing it in place.  With a grin.  Now it’s going to be stuck there unless they break it.  Hahahaha.  Still thinking about a “treat”, updating later.

I’ve no direct experience on dealing with spirits or with the dead apart from my father dying a couple years back.  No ghostly visits though, even though I wished for it.  I’m fully aware that the crypt I still go to “visit” him just stores his ashes and that he’s no longer there.  But it is a good venue to “catch up”, gather one’s thoughts, and recall memories you had together.

These things show how Undas translates to me.

Wallowing in Halloween

2 Nov

I have not been jolly lately and have been moving hell and high water on findinays to reverse this glum.

There was Cine Europa, Friends, New Acquaintances, Slumber, Alcohol, Rantings, Chocolate, Literature.

None of them are working!

Need to find a cheerleader fast!

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