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Keeping A Sunny Disposition in the Dark

20 Oct

Sunny Disposition flickr image by mhofstrand

Insomuch as the past several weeks have been hugely stressful for me due to professional and personal challenges that sees me as an easy target to feast on lately.  Add to that the negative vibes within my immediate environment that seem to have dropped by on this already busy head and simply decided to stay. I also fully decided on letting go of one of my three biggest items on my bucket list.  Really heavy stuff.

Then the gray skies and rainy weather!  Oh man I really really hate it!

My speech and thought patterns have been greatly affected.  Looking at the first words and images that pop in my head for any new information that comes in, I barely recognize this zombie that replaced the bubbly, perky, happy-go-lucky girl full of bright ideas, a plan and tons of hope that was me around this time last year.  So I take some quiet time, double back and study.  WTF happened?  How do I climb myself out of this funk-y hole? I don’t like this at all.

As it had been my most of the time guilty pleasure, the positivity/happy thought/cheer-me-up literature actually provides me the opposite effect.  By now, the closest of my friends know to distance themselves when I’m like this.  The develolping ones, well, good to be able to hide with the schedule flexibility of my profession.  I keep away physically, I get vague online. Hint hint hint.  Either you stay to help me go through it or keep away as I’m going to make a very huge mess.

Sumptous & glorious food, sweets, alcohol and partying does provide temporary comfort, but I can’t go on a bingeing, munching, boozing spree forever!  I actually like my wardrobe now and not keen to replace them for the rest of this decade.  I also need to be lucid enough to be able to earn my living.

I’m only able to share this now because of an epiphany, great chocolate, and a really really good Cheerleader [THANK YOU!].  An expected development happening on the coming days, when it does happen, will confirm it.

I keep fighting the good fight because I know all the efforts exerted and continue to make will all be worth these wishes for my universe that I continue to strive for.

So I’m not gonna ruin the surprise.  I’lm unplugging my worries, chill and let the universe take care of me.

Wish me luck! (Or not, every chance I get to see the sun anywhere, or when the cat approaches me for some cuddling, even the assuring clear taste of water – it feels like a whispering, “While you breathe, you hope!”


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18 Nov

Of course we Filipinos do not recognize nor celebrate that American occasion. However, this month has brought me a lot of good things and I just want to express my gratitude and appreciation for all the things that had happened and is going to happen in the future.

Here’s to

· reconnecting with old friends

· creating relationships with new ones

· career, educational and social plans starting to fall into place

· weight loss

Thanks again.

Kulot Factor

9 May

Hahaha…to think I’d prefer talking about hairstyles rather than finally finishing my Pagudpud piece.

Well, I’ve been obsessing about having my hair permed since hmmn…time immemorial…whereas Pagudpud was a two-month long infatuation (that I have gotten over with by going there)…so here.

Around middle of 2006, when my hair was long and I got bored of how wavy it was and I became tired of just leaving it be, I asked the stylist to set it as curly for an event I attended:

But then again that further damaged my hair so I have chopped most of it off and had it relax-processed and then that did not allow much option.  For a year my hair did not grow beyond a little below my jawlines, it’s cut away again.

Now, the hair has gone shoulder length so off to the dresser I said.  They kept warning me about it’s not too long yet to no avail.  I said I wanted it permed PRONTO!

So there:

Finally, it’s done.  You want a picture of the finished product?  You’d need to see me first!

Realizations – 7

25 Dec


Got annoyed again by last minute Christmas shopping.  Come to think of it, it was the only instance that I had the chance to shop for gifts this year.

Rummaging through the stores I kept telling myself, “It will be better next year, I’ll really plan on how to do this.”  Yeah right.

I got away with free dinners as presents for some.

Our Family’s Christmas Traditions (Though I guess this is also the same with other families out there):

  1. Chicken Salad
  2. Buko Salad
  3. Hamon
  4. Keso de Bola
  5. Leche Flan
  6. Ignoring the carollers (hehehe our parents have successfully passed that on to us – they always whined on how “poor” their performances are
  7. Family Pictures – see above
  8. Rolling on the floor laughing while dissing the family pictures – quicker this time due to technological advances
  9. Gift giving
  10. Sleeping at 4 in the morning (movie marathon, eating, talking, eating, singing, eating) and having to wake up at 7 or 8 because you need to attend more reunions this time!

As I have grown tired of having #1 to #5, I have proposed of having something else for next year.  When they turned to me to ask what should we be having instead, I said “same”.



Tax Season

15 Apr

Moving from http://lodrose.tripod.com/opinyon.htm


It’s tax season again! Did you pay your taxes, or do you pay taxes?

Why should we? What’s taxes for? To line the pockets of our corrupt/inutile government officials? To pay for the airplane fares of our travelling President(s)? Or for whatever cause the Budget Department would allot?

Via Microsoft Word, I learned that words that could replace tax are BURDEN, DUTY, RESPONSIBILITY. Such strong words, but again, why is this burden placed upon us?

I am probably biased with this as it has become almost second nature for me to suspect the government’s judgment in dealing with money. Not because of current events which would back up this idea. Though I think it’s not the government actually but more of the people running it.

The BIR claims these taxes are for the people. See the MRT, the flyovers, and the so-called projects of the government, local or national? These, they claim, is where our taxes go. Then how come when we see these “projects” being built, it has a sign that says “this FACILITY is brought to you by the “honorable” government official. YOU should be thankful.”? Sounds to me like he’s telling us that the money used to make the facility came from his frigging pocket! The nerve!

Or in some cases, the “projects” are substandard (in Filipino: kinupitan o mas cheap na gamit ang nilagay) and would have to be rebuilt again (another source of “kupit”).

Ganito na ang tono ko. You may think I’m not into paying taxes anymore. Sorry to disappoint you, pero law-abiding pa rin naman ako pagdating sa buwis. Ipokrita ba? Nde ah. Kse naman it’s automatically deducted from my kakarampot salary eh. Kainis nga.

Pero kahit ganito ang tono ko, I am still hoping, HOPING, that somehow the taxes that we pay do return to us in terms of real benefits. Yung walang naaapi, walang agrabyado, walang mahirap.

Ha? E di komunista na pag ganon! Ayoko naman yata. Balita ko parang mas grabe pag komunista. Walang mahirap at walang mayaman. Grabe!

E papaano naman tayo mang-iinggit ng kapwa kung pare-pareho tayo ng estado sa buhay? And what would our reason for striving if things are like that? Nde rin exciting no?

Ugh, whatever.

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