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Engkwentro (Encounters)

18 Jun

If we are to successfully sustain ourselves to be human beings, we need to be able to adequately cope with everyday encounters and retain our sense of well-being.

For some odd reason, adverse encounters are frequent in occurance due to differences in perception and how adjustments needed to deal with the variety these are communicated to the other party.

Hmmm, okay, before this post turns out as a pretentious article with me pretending to be a psyche expert, NO. I just wanted to list the most pleasant events/encounters I’ve experienced and would like to highlight from the past months:

  1. Weddings
  2. Philippine Satellite
  3. Some of my TECH StartUps are starting to fly
  4. Some stuff at the daytime gig office
  5. Couchsurfing Outreach Programs
  6. Mount Pulag Climb with Travel Bloggers & Photographers
  7. Couchsurfing Party Jeepney
  8. IdeaSpace
  9. Lunches, Dinners, Concerts & Movies
  10. IdeaLab & EntrepsbuildPH
  11. White Rock Beach Resort Subic with Family
  12. Haribon
  13. TEDxKatipunan
  14. PHL360

So not busy writing diaries because busy living it out.  Hopefully in the next few days I will have links sharing stories about these (or surrender and combine everything to this post.  Or these keeps up and I honestly won’t have time to share (you may follow my Twitter or Facebook for a more real time account.

Either way, I do wish that all who have time to look at this to have the same sense of clarity and contentment I am awash with lately. 

Truly, the universe is generously abundant with the blessings coming on into my life. I appreciate with great joy and I ask for more, please 🙂

Also, a Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary today to my parents.


Ang Kapintasan ng “CouchSurfing” at pag-aaral sa mga alternatibo

25 Aug

Ayan, di kita pahhirapan dahil ingles ang panulat. May kaunting dagdag lang ako.

May mga balido naman siyang punto. Ang haba lang kasi eh hahaha.

Masama nga ba talagang magtiwala sa kabutihan ng tao? Isa ka na bang matuturing na engot kung ganun talaga ang pananaw mo sa buhay?

A criticism of CouchSurfing and review of alternatives Table of Contents Introduction Free Accommodation The “CouchSurfing Spirit” and Super-Hippies Problems with CouchSurfing ……..Fraud and illegal behavior ……..The Verification Scam ……..Privacy Concerns ……..References and the lack of a dispute resolution process ……..Censorship Alternatives ……..Hospitality Club ……..GlobalFreeloaders ……..BeWelcome ……..Tripping ……..Crashatmine Conclusion References Introduction Fo … Read More

via All that is wrong with the world…

My UK Adventure

30 Oct

I felt almost guilty for going there for business travel with the current global financial situation.

Then again, my manager has successfully convinced me of the need to go and participate in an All Hands meeting, training and 1:1 session for all teams.  It is suspected that all of us have my sentiment, nonetheless, personal interactions do in fact have greater impact no matter how good technology is nowadays.

It is also a refreshing break especially for my current situation – morale points already shot 20% up despite the 8 hour flight upon arrival.

Main goal of the first day was to explore London while getting to know your colleagues.  There was the spirit of competitiveness (if you have an inkling of how strong my personality is, multiply that to 15 heads!) in the air.  Which was a good thing because it was a two-in-one.  If my manager has not cleverly designed this game, I would have extended my stay (with my personal funds) to go around the area.

Most of the photos are now in my Facebook.  I may post in Multiply and/or Spaces.Live.Com the other pictures.

That afternoon, everybody’s feet were aching for walking the entire day.  Which was ended by a sumptuous all you can eat grilled meat at the O2 arena.  Perfect.

Second day is fun too – can’t discuss much of the work side here though.  It was noted that everyone’s feet were still aching from the previous day’s adventure.  In the evening, we went for dinner and clubbing afterwards.

People were warm and accommodating.  I hadn’t expected that at all (See?  I too am a racist sometimes) so it was a pleasant surprise.

I can’t get over the flight getting delayed for almost an hour, the time zone difference but overall, this trip had served it’s purpose: I HAD FUN 


So let me end this with a prayer:

May God Grant…
To The Living – Grace
To The Departed – Rest
To The Church & The World – Peace and Concord
And To His Sinners – Eternal Life

My Denmark Adventure

22 Aug
As the adage “a picture paints a thousand words”, there’s a lot of good memories I got from my 5 day visit to this wonderful country.
Let me start with this and share as I go:
Note as at Oct 14, 2011 – migration to WordPress, still haven’t gone to sharing yet.
Lol.  Well, time will be found now.

Fully Booked!

23 Apr

Inasmuch as I’d love to detail here my previous adventures, I won’t.

You’d have to be part of them.

Nah. Kidding. Can’t help myself anyways.

So here’s part of it:

April 11-16: Cagayan de Oro City and Valencia, Bukidnon (I cheated. That’s not Travel-Pleasure, it’s Travel-Work!)
April 18: Dinner/Talk with a friend.
April 19: Birthday Celeb/Dinner with friends.
April 20: Marikina (Work!) and Badminton with a friend.
April 21: Birthday Celeb/Dinner (again!) with a friend.
April 22: Dinner/Overnight with friends
April 23: Morning Swimming/Sauna at the Mandarin Oriental with Friends.

Nuff said.

May 7 & 14: Hands On Manila Basic Bytes – Ansaya nito!

May 18:  7-9:40pm — Toastmaster’s Club (Guest Muna, esep esep), 10:00-past midnight — Episode III (ROTS)! [Well, that was the plan, I just felt too wiped out for it so I’ll just wait for the DVD since I already know what happened to Anakin anyway.]

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