What’s the right way to react if Data Leaks happen?

This lovely government does not PUSH to pass the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION act for transparency with their records and THEN leaves its citizens to dry when OUR information is compromised.


That is so F*cked Up. Are the Filipinos going to be doormats about this again? The impunity is astounding. Are we are too f*cking nice and will just let this slide again and treat these as not important enough to be angry about? Are they still “meeting” about it?


You think this reaction is a little over the top and wait MUNA until something bad happens first? AREN’T THE INFORMATION LEAKS BAD ENOUGH? Screw your ignorance on how our personal information MUST be treated. Please educate yourself. It’s your responsibility. I would happily teach sana (maybe later) but I’m too panicky, paranoid & angry to teach at the moment as the ramifications dawn on me slowly but surely.

My inner ‪#‎Hulkster‬ wants to smash someone’s head in. Isn’t it just about time for‪#‎CivilWar‬?


2 thoughts on “What’s the right way to react if Data Leaks happen?

  1. I have the same reaction when I heard the news. It’s f*cking irresponsible of the COMELEC to have let our PERSONAL information be leaked. Sobrang nakakagalit. News says that the DOJ is “doing” something about it, so we may expect an action a year from now. *sigh* Oh, Philippines.

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