Reblog: Visit TED’s Ads Worth Spreading channel on YouTube — comment and enter!

20 Oct

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Good morning!

TED’s Ads Worth Spreading attempts to appease the self-righteous indignation of some of us who is miffed by how the advertising industry seems to succeed boxing and hypnotizing us into buying the goods and services of their clients.

Been checking out the previous winners and have seen some of this year’s submissions, must admit they are swell!

You can participate by submitting or promoting the ones you love most.

TED Blog

Via the YouTube Blog: Last year, TED kicked off a challenge to the advertising industry called Ads Worth Spreading, our global search for innovation, ingenuity and intelligence in advertising. This year, we are delighted to announce that we’re now accepting entries to the current challenge through our Ads Worth Spreading channel on YouTube. The YouTube channel will help promote and showcase submissions, as well as spark conversation.

Even if you’re not an advertiser, you can visit the channel and comment on your favorite campaigns: Which ads are thought-provoking, funny, honest, warm, informative or creatively brilliant? We want your feedback, and the channel is our medium for hearing your voice.

Read the full story on the YouTube Blog >>

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