On Azkals, A Death, A Mugging, A Massacre & Political Censorship

24 Jul

I write this piece as I watch the Azkals battle with the Kuwait team, while mulling about Amy Winehouse‘s sudden death, the mugging of a 365PH friend, a fundamentalist attack on multiculturalism in Norway and “getting off the radar” of a close friend after a “political” cuffle with the authorities overseas.

Humble pie is good for Azkals now.  They need 4 goals on the next game now to be able to move forward.

I feel sadness for the loss of such a great talent. Pre-judging without knowing the conditions of her sudden death yet, I assign a sense of accountability to people around her.  You should’ve taken great lenghts to care for Amy. Her Serbia appearance was a preview of worse things to come.

Just outraged at the manifesto of the attacker who killed tons of people in Norway.

I too was mugged before. and looking back I would agree with people saying I was an idiot for chasing my mugger. What if he has a knife or a gun then uses it? Replacing identification papers is a herculean task but then none of that or the stuff I lost will equal my life.

Will share more about the political bit once I am certain that my friend is safely back in the country.  It’s another worrisome situation.


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