Back from Digital Break

18 Jul

As you can see from the occasional tweets, the earth didn’t open and swallowed me up whole never to be heard of for the rest of eternity.

I have been travelling and working on several projects offline and didn’t notice time passing without making progress on my commitment last 1o/1o/1o to make this site a living, breathing online machine.

Not saying travel and (technical/non-technical) work are finished.  There is just no rest for the wicked).

Today’s just the start of another kick in the butt effort to keep that promise.  With my previous blogging/website efforts you can tell that I do enjoy writing (with or without an audience), talking to you with the words here, sharing thoughts and what-not.

Here we go then.  I’ll keep you posted.  Have you noticed the little changes on  the site?  It’ll keep happening until I’m sure it’s going to represent what I intend to share.



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