I am Rebooting Valentine’s Day as Generosity Day with Acumen Fund, Come Join Us!

14 Feb

RT @acumenfund Rebooting Valentine’s Day as #generosityday #thatslove #notgettingany a blog entry + an FB note 4 my peeps. Love & Light! #fb

A tweet from @acumenfund a few days back started to stir in my head, whilst trying to decide between:

  • accepting Valentine’s Day date invites from equally gorgeous+energetic+smelling good men
  • chillin at the spa – must admit it has been pretty busy lately
  • pushing through with the “date” with Binondo Church’s St. Josemaria Escriva statue giving out novenas and talking about the Opus Dei personal prelature to the curious
  • holing up in my room watching the mushiest of romcoms feeling vulnerable and/or sorry for being single during this day of days where a lover appears to be necessary
  • going to a gaybar with fellow single ladies ogling at male equipment we will never have

The tweet goes:

On Monday we’re trying to reboot Valentine’s Day as #generosityday. Are you in? Thanks for your help! http://bit.ly/fJASGV

The link follows as:


I got floored and am now joining them to celebrate Generosity Day.

In cooperation with this awesome company’s great initiative, I hereby offer to the universe EVERYTHING I HAVE (time & efforts for service + material stuff) that you feel I can give away while keeping myself and my family  sustainable still.

Please just go message, comment, text, call me TODAY – we will schedule  handovers – I WILL GIVE IT TO YOU WHOLEHEARTEDLY.  No questions asked (well except maybe for more details logistics/delivery wise), no exchange deals, no catch, no BS.  It’s yours for the asking. TODAY.



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