Let’s Celebrate The End of my Marriage and Niños Inocentes (Innocents’s Day)

28 Dec

Because I am Innocent I tell you!  Honest!


Tip:  Never lend money today.

On exactly the 10th day after I set my relationship status as Married, we ended it, and about time:

– 17 likes, 51 comments and 4 comment likes makes it old & boring.  next please!

– it has served its primary purpose of cheering up a long-time friend (that will forever be referred to as Mi Esposao [pun/misspelling intended]) who happened to have absolutely insane relatives stalking his FB profile and bombarding him with criticisms because his life ain’t as boring as theirs. up their asses I say.

– you didn’t seriously think I’d elope and not make a huge debacle of myself while tying the knot, right? if you did, hmmn, you disappoint me.

– it keeps away my really interested qualified (smells good + energetic)  suitors from approaching (yeah some of them are really as gullible as the innocents we actually are celebrating for now – so you now have a hint of where they stand in my books), taking the status change at face value, thinking I have some romantic attachment to Mi Esposao otherwise I wouldn’t have offered the “wedding” so easily (idiot – there’s no such thing.  he’s adorable and everything but not my type. my type is like Steve Buschemi, but I can get by with Brad Pitt as a last resort  – heeheehee)

– it keeps the ladies away from Mi Esposao.  he had been referred to as a jerk/douche/asshole several times while we were “married” as he tried his classic charms & moves on some of them

– liars go to hell, and believe me it was that all these time because we were pulling your leg, playing a prank that does not resonate the true content of our hearts

It was a lovely social experiment, bringing out some friends I haven’t talked to in ages sincerely happy for the news (that I had to correct each and everytime they called and chatted to congratulate and wish me a wonderful marital life and tons of kids as I wish), frenemies and their “supportive remarks”, the casual bystanders who’d just practically like anything you say, and the very few true friends who hugged me (real time & remotely) with a knowing look. “If God wills it, you’ll get your turn someday.”

Thanks to everyone who participated.  My One and Only True Wedding, if and when God wills it, will of course be a big/small and  solemn/loud production, and everyone will be invited to celebrate that special day in my life.

Love & Light!


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