Aborting Baby Buena Mano

16 Dec

It’s not what you think.

No, I’m not pregnant, I just look it.

The other weekend I bought this balloon from a little girl who, upon payment of the toy with a little extra cash as tip, suddenly tapped my tummy and said, “Baby Buena Mano!” then happily left me with my jaws dropped.

I’ve had the constant pet peeve of always being thought of as pregnant.  From people candidly asking how far along I was, or those who would give away their seats at the MRT.

The first time it happened, blood rushed to my head and I wanted to hit that person’s face for that silly yet offensive accusation.  But when most of the rest of the world has assumed this, it almost becomes a screaming fact: my tummy is ginormous!

I can’t even account for the origin and how it grew that big.  It seems like when I woke up, fat has been already there, intact and super comfy on where they’re staying, never planning to leave.  I’m never a fan of crunches nor a gym addict, my exercise being walking around with heavy stuff on my back for hours.  So yeah, the tummy never had a chance of slimming down.

With big thanks to my sister and her contacts, I’ve managed to snag quite a good deal to perform daily unlimited non-surgical procedures (Thermal Massage, ThermaShape (RFID), LipoXpress (Ultrasonic waves) with the aim of softening then eventually melting away all the baby-looking fat that has taken my abs hostage.  This started last December 8.  The session I had today lasted for 4 hours!

Quite a slow process but I am happy to report I see progress.  More to come when I finally get the chance to actually feel and meet my very own abs.


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