Honey, I’m Home =)

5 May

Flew back for good from Dubai a week ago.

Though the weather in Manila now seems a lot like how it was there, here is now so much better as I AM HOME.

My boxes are untouched as like when I was packing, I don’t know where to start!

Some things I noticed:

Most of the friends I’ve left here have gone some place else too, except for a few close ones who have held their own as we were physically distant.  It kind of feels like socially, I’m starting again from scratch, which is something I never would think of doing before working and staying overseas long term.

Work is another matter.  I’ve been postponing making a decision until I got here.  Yes, I used an offer from my employer’s local office as my ticket home.  Knowing the role and what to expect, it wasn’t as enticing as moving yet again to a third country and keeping a busy/boring job (you know what I mean).  I tried it for two years man, it’s just not me.

So now, my decision – crossroads.  Shitty scary but exhilirating.  Then there’s acting as Chief Foreman to my 3BR Flat.  Construction is on-going, I wasn’t too motivated last year as I were overseas.

My family is one proof that people don’t change.  I was missed, but the moment I got back it feels like I never left.  Which is nice.  The only irreplaceable gap is the void that Papa has left behind.

Of course you ask, do I miss my Dubai life?  I’d be lying if I say I didn’t – missing my friends and the luxuries more than anything.  However, I am happier here.  Obviously I’m one of your kooky friends.


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