Realizations – 10

10 Nov

  • PMS’ing is fun  – you will get to the point of trying to decide either to bring out a shotgun and start shooting everybody or dropping a plugged in hairdryer on the bath while soaked on it – SEE!  SEE!?  You almost wet your pants there thinking/reading about what I just said
  • Next week (on the 18th) marks my 6th month as an OFW! I NEVER imagined I’d be in this place doing what I do away from home!
  • Just now, I did something I never thought I’d do again.  Hint: A personal career hobby ever since and another hint – Environmental and LIGHT!  Wahahaha don’t even guess because a la Britney Murphy – I’ll never tell…
  • Watching A.I. (Haley Joel Osment) – Such a good reminder that if you really want something with the best of intentions, the universe will find a way to give it to you. So thanks Mao for that lovely note on Patience.

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