“Ayokong Maging Dukha!” + Random Thoughts on Poverty

14 Oct

[Roughly translated in English from Filipino as “I don’t want to be poor!”]

That’s the phrase that keeps popping into my head everytime I come across the word poverty, immediately followed by, “But if you are ‘Dukha‘ and not doing anything about it, STAY AWAY FROM ME!  It’s so jologs to be poor ah, eeeiiiww!”

My sister better expressed how we growing up as a family mostly feel about poverty.  Like most of our life conditions, it comes down as a series of choices and the actions that go by it.  A choice to help, to work, to contribute, to learn, to be thankful and be positive.

The discussion on this really goes to options on helping the disadvantaged, what’s the best route?  It’s even a timely discussion now that I can almost feel the entire world suffering from financial crisis (though poverty is not limited to financial per se – other topic).

I get a bit pissed when I hear remarks like, “Why don’t you give away your money instead?”

Not only that I am simply not that rich so I cannot.  Also, I am a firm believer that on the principle that says dole outs (ah or the more common term nowadays is BAILOUT) promote dependencies.  Isn’t dependency a form of poverty as it deprives you of dignity?  Your lavish display of charity in the end turns out to be defeating it’s purpose.  So very tragic.

“The government should be taking care of these people!”  – Yes, by principle (Yeah right like in what country is that really happening nowadays?  Really really happening?  Come on!  Sure?).  Then again, if you and/or the rich corporate greedy companies are not paying taxes accordingly, where will they get the funds for the poor that hihihi mainly includes their pockets?  

I am always up for giving my time to teaching and helping people to find their passion, work hard at it and with that eventually appreciate reaping the fruits of their labor.  No shortcuts there.

Ugh! I’m stopping before this entry becomes Presidential Campaign material.  I’d like to know, because I see your heart is pure, what’s your cure for the poor?

Peace, Power & Possibiities to All Who are Reading This  


This entry is my contribution to the Blog Action Day project where the theme for 2008 is POVERTY


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