Another Martial Law Anniversary

21 Sep

36 years ago, Marcos signed Presidential Proclamation 1081, placing the entire country under Martial Law.

My parents weren’t even dreamed of conceiving me when this took place.  Frankly, even now I don’t know much about it.

What I do remember is that most of the people around me refer to it as the “good old days”, sighing with nostalgia.

Now, being based out of the country, my basis for national awareness in the local events would be the websites of the newspapers that are based there.

I don’t see it in,,,

Maybe I’m not browsing right. Or, it’s forgotten, drowned in the current troubles of the country.

So my parting thought, if we refuse to learn from history, it will keep repeating itself.

That’s why I’m going to read up on this today.


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