Kulot Factor

Hahaha…to think I’d prefer talking about hairstyles rather than finally finishing my Pagudpud piece.

Well, I’ve been obsessing about having my hair permed since hmmn…time immemorial…whereas Pagudpud was a two-month long infatuation (that I have gotten over with by going there)…so here.

Around middle of 2006, when my hair was long and I got bored of how wavy it was and I became tired of just leaving it be, I asked the stylist to set it as curly for an event I attended:

But then again that further damaged my hair so I have chopped most of it off and had it relax-processed and then that did not allow much option.  For a year my hair did not grow beyond a little below my jawlines, it’s cut away again.

Now, the hair has gone shoulder length so off to the dresser I said.  They kept warning me about it’s not too long yet to no avail.  I said I wanted it permed PRONTO!

So there:

Finally, it’s done.  You want a picture of the finished product?  You’d need to see me first!


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