Epiphanies in Bangalore

14 Jan

I am in Bangalore this week on business (where I plan to add some leisure :-P) so this post will last a week long:

  1. My favorite pants no longer fit me = I’M GETTING FAT na talaga!
  2. I came across two articles about foreigners being mugged here just today because they (or shall I say, we) are not welcome as we are directly competing with locals.  So what?!  I’m still going out.
  3. Kadiri dito – (will elaborate on this later as I can’t phrase it decently), looking back, it is not really kadiri, it’s just not a place I’d like to be;
  4. Though there are a lot of tourist spots, other than commercial street where you would see travelers from all over the world, it does not seem to be a good place for tourists;
  5. Speed will only make my time go by faster, it does not add value if you are rushing all the time if the cause you are doing it for is not a worthy one;
  6. One will not be able to experience a different culture until you have fully opened your mind into it.  I’m not saying I am an Indian expert now, but most of the impressions I had of Indians have turned out to be incorrect.
  7. Vegetarian food is not dull.  I was able to taste a gazillion means of how vegetables and fruits are prepared.  Yes, some are spicy, but some are not.
  8. They are hospitable, in their own little way…

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