Post Mortem Crush Anatomy

24 Dec

My day is guaranteed to brigthen up if I have somebody to look forward interacting with each day so I made sure I had a lots and lots of crushes around.

Be it at work, in my neighborhood, at my parent’s house’s neighborhood or the threads I hang around at – there will always be several guys who will manage to catch my fancy.  Usually it is their brains or something they do that was carefully thought of.  I will never say out loud the names of these guys (not even to my closest of closest friends), just their codenames so I am never found out.

Superficially, there are also some cute or good smelling guys that I usually proclaim as someone I adore.  You, my dear reader, have probably come across into me gushing about them using the prefix Fafa.  At the end of the day though, these are not the guys I would like to be with because I humanize them – get to know a lot about what this guy can do and find out if they pass and realize –  ah, other than the qualities that made me take a second look in the first place IS NOT enough.

For almost 16 months, I happened to come across one guy who, in my perception, was a combination of both.  I always heard good stuff about him, and he happened to be cute.  So, I did my best to increase interactions, in an attempt to humanize him to see if I should pursue investing an emotional attachment on this person.

In the past couple of weeks, I have managed to humanize him and sadly, he failed.  The good stuff I heard, when looked up close, is starting to unfold as very far from what he really is.  All good press and what a let-down!

At this point, I would think that it ought to be a relief since the guy is in a relationship.  No more need to resort to “Sulot” strategies and stabs at my conscience.

It is just a pity, that’s all.  One less IDEAL guy to look forward to get in contact with each day.  Haaay.  Looks like I need to search for this good combo.


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