Bye Darna & Siopao!

21 Dec

After several years of sharing their warmth, intelligence and impositions as members of our family, they are gone.

Darna (left) used to talk (she responds when you talk to her) and has jumped flights of stairs several times.  Mama before decided to get this kitten lost but she was able to find her way back so we decided to keep her.

Siopao (right), Darna’s mom knows her name and pays heed when you invite her to come by, food or not.  Kneading & purring addict!  Source of major comfort.

Now, all of them are gone forever.  Though at the back of my head and at the dream world, I’ll always get to be with them once more, rubbing themselves under my foot, tugging at my pants, shirt for whatever it is that I’m eating, and rolling over my tummy and back when I lie down.

I don’t think I can ever love another animal as much as I loved, loving and will love these happy set.  I’m missing all of you dearly!


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