Wandering Wonders

8 Jul

May I remind you that the category for this post is under Want to do Someday.

It has been a long while since my last heartbreak.  That already is a valid reason for not wanting to have another one anytime soon.  Right?

Smug couples and guys I hang around with, you can say all you want.  Of course, I do want to be coupled someday.  But don’t push because you have no idea of the real situation.  Here are my other excuses for choosing to remain single:

1. Magic Thinking – "I don’t have to do anything. No special effort is required. When the time comes, it comes."

2. Perfectionism – "Though I don’t feel the magic with this sweet, loving, caring, persistent guy, I should not let him get away." vs. "What if your Someone arrives only to find you coupled with the one you settled with?"

3. Choices – As it was my decision to prioritize work (as it was where most of my energies were spent) than to do something else, it is a subconscious selection to remain single.

4. Baggage – Somewhere deep in my head there is this want to get back with X or an unfinished business with Y, and other stuff I need to deal with

While conronting these 4 demons,life feels unpredictable. I am scared shitless.  But I am doing it.  Little by little. 

Forgive me, D.  I wish I had something better than this truth to offer you.

So my friends, this is the result of the Lovelife/Kilig Factor recent events that has been bugging in my head for the past 8 weeks.  I am glad I had the time to sit down and verbalize the thoughts in my head.  I hope the rantings here got you confused as me when I did this.


We can write this entry off to SUPREME BOREDOM!  I need another distraction.


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