Capturing the moment before it’s gone.

22 Apr

Hihihi.  Been awfully busy with vacation hence I have no time to update this. 

In a few weeks or so, watch out for the summer pictures on the photo album section!

I have below several messages for the IJOTs in my head.  They may or may not read this and I couldn’t care less.  Just another task that I need to get rid off before I face my other demons:

To LKG2: It is like a scene at Desperate Housewives where one eligible bachelor is there and all the single ladies will flock to him, trying to get his attention.  Or simply they are ignoring that you are in fact unavailable as someone has already taken your fancy.  I hate this feeling – I think I was jealous!  In spite of my growing admiration, or perhaps infatuation as you continue to only exceed my expectations, I will dare not compete and declare myself. I got enough headaches as it is. Thank you very much.  Our situation (if there will be any progress – hah!) will be too complicated so the answer to the question you will ask is NO.  I have decided on this just now.  But only if you could…ugh!  Deng!  I’m stopping!  Go away!

To JAPE:  Back from the dead!  I am currently kicking myself for NOT ignoring you.  Can’t help it.  How do you plan to mess with my head this time?  Will we again share our dreams and start pursuing them and then you will leave me hanging?  Though, being the masochist that I am, I will continue to participate in your shenanigans.  I will not ask you to go away, but I will not ask you to stay either.

To Y:  No, you did not offend me.   I am simply too set in my ways.  I thought all this time you already know that about me.  That daring "thing" does not scream as an invite in my warped eyes.  I am flattered, but no thanks.  You are nice.  You’ll find somebody you deserve.

To S:  Yes, you have neglected me.  That is both good and bad.  I had more time to find myself, and you know that’s always good.  I learned a lot of myself this past few months and had been able to do things I never dreamed of as even being possible.  So thank you.  I must admit I missed you though.  Welcome back.  Do not expect the same me though.


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