Realizations – 7

25 Dec


Got annoyed again by last minute Christmas shopping.  Come to think of it, it was the only instance that I had the chance to shop for gifts this year.

Rummaging through the stores I kept telling myself, “It will be better next year, I’ll really plan on how to do this.”  Yeah right.

I got away with free dinners as presents for some.

Our Family’s Christmas Traditions (Though I guess this is also the same with other families out there):

  1. Chicken Salad
  2. Buko Salad
  3. Hamon
  4. Keso de Bola
  5. Leche Flan
  6. Ignoring the carollers (hehehe our parents have successfully passed that on to us – they always whined on how “poor” their performances are
  7. Family Pictures – see above
  8. Rolling on the floor laughing while dissing the family pictures – quicker this time due to technological advances
  9. Gift giving
  10. Sleeping at 4 in the morning (movie marathon, eating, talking, eating, singing, eating) and having to wake up at 7 or 8 because you need to attend more reunions this time!

As I have grown tired of having #1 to #5, I have proposed of having something else for next year.  When they turned to me to ask what should we be having instead, I said “same”.




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