17 Nov

I went and wore a casual dress to an event on our company where everyone was required to wear strictly formal evening attire. Underdressed.

I used to go to work with this new company on strictly business attire eventhough the norm was smart casual.  Overdressed.

Started wearing skirts and low rise jeans (that really brought out how “bigger” a person I am now).  Hah! Something new.

Not that I have a dream of looking like one of them fashionistas.  Can’t afford to anyways.  I just want to look nice, and I frankly I have grown tired of my old wardrobe.  Or I have nothing else to do.  Deadmacious.

On one of the threads I was a member on,  there’s a thread there that gives everyone a “Dare to Bare”.  I posted a picture of mine that lead to my being preyed on.  Apparently the photo was screaming “Open Season Guys – Come and Get It”.  Hence I am currently preyed on. Damn!

Just yesterday the team and people that I were handling won a total of 3 awards.  I was so damn proud of it, I announced it to our counterparts in the rest of the APAC region.  Somebody reacted and asked why did I have to tell everyone. Proud.

There’s this guy that I think I like where several people have already mentioned that he likes me to but personally he has not mentioned or even hinted it to me.  I am very much tempted to confront but I cannot do that.  Coward/Delusional.

I keep different sets of friends and contact them as my mood allows it.  So do not take it personally when I do that to you, I do it to everybody.  Otherwise it’s just me and the 6/7 voices in my head, as I have grown to appreciate my alone time.

Several months ago on the weekend after our company outing, I had my four gross lower teeth pulled out and had it replaced by dentures on the same afternoon.  No downtime.

I got totally pissed with Memory Gap Kid and regretfully I have let myself go and allowed the rest of the world to see and get affected by it.  Me putting out nega energy out there – bad! Geez.  Never again (I hope!)

Tough as nails outside, gooey on the inside.

Carefree outside, control freak on the inside.

Showbiz = Vain vain vain!



2 Responses to “Appearances”

  1. Shane December 3, 2006 at 4:51 am #


    Read your blog. You are a very funny writer and an interesting read, too. Glad that you accepted my add-request so now I can peep in to your life.

    Thanks for sharing,

  2. Denmark December 25, 2006 at 11:56 pm #

    I agree with Shane, Olay. Keep on writing… Nakakaenganyo ka.


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