Olay @ 30 – Thriving(!) and Flirty(?)

11 Sep

Sept13cubalibre Was watching "13 going on 30" at HBO earlier and that was the phrase the protagonist was chanting before she got that movie-long dream sequence.  Catchy title.

Thriving, yes!  Flirty, hmmnn…I think I’ll pass on that one.


Here I go again, I had always wanted to start writing again but I’m still not inspired so I might as well get over with my whining before I get to do what I really need to do at this time.

Birthday came and went with some bruises (that were welcome this time!), another extra challenge adventure that reminds me that I am still amongst the living. 

That previous statement, my friends, is my understatement for the year on top of my standard "Carry/Okay lang."

So what’s the big deal of turning 30? You have the following (or the appearance of it):

  1. Awareness.
  2. Decisiveness. Break kung break – I’d rather be alone than be with…
  3. Maturity.  A reconciliation of acceptance and pushing for more
  4. Habits.

The concept of trying something new still appeals to me.

It is definitely unhealthy to super extend on some aspects on your life – but if you have nothing else to do (This one will be subject to a lot of debate but I don’t give a flying fart), do you have a choice?

If the rest of my life will be the haze of the previous months I won’t really mind. 

Oh, come to think of it now, I do.


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