28 Jul

My dear friends,

Hey!  Thanks for dropping by every now and then…even if there are no updates.

I didn’t entirely vanish into thin air (you wish!)  I just got too busy.

Physical: I’m a bit fat again, can’t swim as much (too deng cold!) and again I have acquired the appetite.

Lovelife: I gotta pick one some time.  Deng indecision.

Nightlife:  2 bottles san mig light + 1 bottle cervesa negra + 2 tequilla shots + 1 glass of red wine + 1 glass of white wine = NOT DRUNK! I am indeed my father’s daughter. Frog legs taste like chicken.

Career:  Pretty good for me actually, depends on whom you’re asking.

Domestic life:   Less and less concern with laundry and housechores, that being a major concern these past months. With more of me (here and there) and my laziness to go my parents’ house – I fear my Mom won’t recognize me when I get there tomorrow afternoon.

Now, it’s your turn to update me on what’s eating you…



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