Failure to Launch – Movie and Life

2 Jun

Okay movie.  Not really.  Being a film buff this particular movie did not present anything extraordinary.  Good for a few laughs.

So let’s just talk about my recent launch.  I moved out (again!) of my house to a place way way way closer to work.  Supposedly this would allow me to work longer hours yet having more sleep. 

Plus of course the 3-4 hour daily commute that has been part of my almost 7 year work life (excludes my first launch when I tried to move out and uh, failed miserably) has finally start to show below my eyes.

Long sleep happens.  The problems I had before are now out of the way.  I’m at peace.  I definitely miss my family but as time goes by I have come to enjoy my time alone (with other people) more.

Work is fine.  A request granted.  A wish delivered.  But one event just yesterday immediately triggered me into panic mode.  Deng!

As one of my new bosses told me, your happiness should not be dependent on external factors.  It’s within.  At times, I beg to differ — how can on good conscience you be happy while others are not?

But then, a good night’s sleep takes care of that. 

Life goes on.


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