Realizations – 5

7 May

  • Can’t seem to blog anymore.  I always have several moments during the day when I would think – ha, this is a nice topic for my blog.  But I’m here now, then nothing pops up.
  • Internet cafes – a lot of people sit side by side with each other connecting to far sides of the world – yet barely know or even acknowledge the existence of the person beside them.  That’s connectivity for you.
  • Gloating – recently came across a former colleague and couldn’t help myself “kicking him in the balls”
  • The bar scene – never enjoyed it and probably never will.  Too noisy for me.  Gosh – another sign that I’m getting old.
  • Bestest friends going on 30 – on a separate post when I get 30.  At the top of my head screaming is: Where the f*ck did the 10 years go?

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