Pre-Valentine Chuvaness

8 Feb

  • Movie: Big Time

This is a cool Indie movie with one of the lead stars being the guy that starred as Emilyano in Romulus D’ Grayt, a former Anna Lunna child star contrabida, and , uh, I don’t know where the other 2 guys came from.

It’s the story of 2 small time criminals on the path to their first "Big Time" venture.

A lot of funny moments:

  1. The lead girl being totally lost in the world of showbiz
  2. The guys kept asking each other who would they prefer to… (GMA or Miriam?  Cristy Fermin or Ate Luds?)
  3. Why their first kidnapping attempt of a dog failed miserably
  4. Why their actual kidnapping attempt (again!) failed
  5. When the lead star was grooming the hair and touching the face of his dead partner wherein his dead partner said "Pare, bading ka talaga!"
  6. The "Dead" comments.
  • Food and Drink:  Mangan

Where I realized that the what I thought of as "Bibingka" had been "Biko" all this time.  Well, I loved "Bibingka"/Biko.  So when my friend ordered it I said I was glad to share it only to find out I don’t like Bibinga at all.

  • WOWOWEE Ultra Stampede

A lot has been said about it. 

Here’s a space to share my sorrow with everyone who was affected and my anger with those responsible.

Most of those dead and injured where women who keep the family together financially, with their hopes that the have a fair chance of winning.  Possibly an act of desperation as they obviously cannot depend on the other members of their families. 

Point is people there never planned to kill each other simply to win money.

The consolation for those who died is at the least they were provided their final comfort.

Several investigations have been started to establish the primary parties responsible, and goodluck with that, as I’m 100% sure that results would be politically charged. 

Probably by this time the celebrities and people doing the rounds with the victims and families have numbed already, hearing the same sad stories, seeing a lot of dead bodies and listening to the sobs of their loved ones.  I sincerely hope this is not so.

  • Movie: Walk the Line

The Oscar nominations got me interested on watching it, but I had doubts since it’s another biopic.  Not really my cup of tea.

Death, "serving the country", starting a family, music, drugs, groupies, love, great comebacks via a concert in jail. The life and times of Johnny Cash.

I was almost convinced that it was Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon singing.  The press releases said some of the songs was really sang by them, then hats off to these guys as they did an excellent job!

My verdict: Nothing too outstanding about it.


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