My Caller Ringback*

25 Jan


Really sad.

I have had the same ringback since May.  Friends, relatives and people from work have been calling and have been listening that ringback tune, from an AVP down to an encoder.  Today, I had to temporarily deactivate it to accommodate calls from abroad.

Apparently, these foreigners don’t get the ringback concept yet, they think they are being redirected to an answering machine and that I’m not available to answer their call (although yeah, sometimes, I’m not–but that’s another story).  Add to that the fact that some parts of the message were in Filipino.

Hayy how sad talaga, yucckkk nman. Eiiwww…

So for now, when you try to reach my through my mobile phone, just wait for the ring-ring.  But if you really miss the deng ringback, you can always listen here.


*Ringback Tunes are a new personalization service, which replaces the standard ringtone (ring-ring) for your friends and family to enjoy.


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