Romulus D’ Grayt

26 Nov


Grateful to have a friend invite me to watch this comedy that was adapted from Swiss author and playwright Friedrich Durrenmatt’s "Romulus, the Great".

First act and first scene: Christian Vasquez rushes in searching for the Roman Emperor, Romulus. Christian Vasquez.  Therefore, I never understood much of the scene as I was admiring, gaping (prolly drooling) over his sexy body.

After that, I noticed that the subtitles (oh, I forgot to mention that since it was a Filipino translation of a Swiss play, and this night being the premiere, a number of Swiss nationals were present so there were sublitles in English above the stage) bit too slow then it would suddenly rush on to keep up with the actual scene being played.  I guess it was a difficult task (adlibs and some scenes might prove un-timeable), but shouldn’t the person responsible be quite rehearsed by then?

I also found the Filipino translation wanting, it is almost in TagLish (and even Gay Speak), compared sa flawless Filipino being spoken in Encantadia.

Maybe I have a weird sense of humor, because I found the English translation rather tragic.  When I searched on Dürrenmatt, it made sense. 

The actors were okay.  Personally, I enjoyed the actor who played Romulus’ daughter, Rea.  Pretty convincing.  And funny.


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