Cagayan de Oro v.5

15 Nov

First time to be seated near the cockpit.  Cool! The stewards are nicer, though that could be attributable to the presence of VIPs a couple of rows from where I sat.

Deng, I forgot again to bring something to chew on during the flight to prevent the headaches. So…

I would’ve switched hotels but the one I’m staying at (geez, this is my 5th time here, I’m gonna ask for my VIP card!) is the nearest hotel from where I’m supposed to be here.

Getting ready for the "Cream of Mushroom Soup" swimming pools, blue marlin, pork chop, spring chicken, Judy Ann et al, and hopefully this time I get to meet the infamous ghosts of the hotel.


In fairness they have added to the menu the following:

  • Cream of Corn Soup (geez, still too much I almost swam on it)
  • Chicken Pork Adobo

I met the "ghosts" in Iligan City. Can’t elaborate further, I signed a non-disclosure agreement with the deng ghosts.

Bukidnon: Nothing out of the ordinary, except for the sharp, zigzag turns the bus keeps making to and from Valencia.  I oughta been chewing something as well (almost same as riding the plane). I had a plastic bag ready.

At the airport, I saw a passenger who looks like First Gentleman Mike Arroyo, even some of the people around me were whispering if it was him.  But there were no bodyguards, and he looked younger, so it prolly wasn’t him.  Wala lang.

Ultra weird was the cab trip from the airport to my place.  Only took a couple of hours (though it took almost an hour for me to hail a cab).  A lot of foreigners were at the pick-up point.  Deng drivers were picking passengers. 

Oh great joy it is, being discriminated against on your own country.  What more outside?

At least there wasn’t much traffic, considering that there’s supposed to be midnight madness sale thingies all over the place.


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