Loooong Weekend

24 Oct


7pm: The Loft (Rockwell) Hands on Manila Volunteer In Person Night.

Mingling with fellow volunteers gave me a warm feeling that inspite of the troubles in this world, people still care. And do something sensible about it. Yummy pica-pica and drinks from CIBO. Giveaways from sponsor companies. Cool band (reggae and then alternative rock for a repertoire, excellent combo).

Congratulations for the winners of the Outstanding Volunteers and Organizations. We hope to be one of you someday, not for the recognition (charuz, it’s nice to be famous! lol), but to have helped the most.

10pm: Watering Hole en route to Centro, (Libis) Manilatonight 3rd anniversary

Deng the traffic, took an hour from there to Libis! Since we only had cocktails at my 7pm, we’ve been super hungry. Therefore even before I finished my 2nd beer, I’m already dizzy.

The place is so jampacked (as in di mahulugan ng karayom!) with fellow "manyaks". Nothing too wild this time. Or I’ve gotten used to the "special" presentations. The fact that the thread’s male to female ratio is 7:3, most of the numbers were to the viewing pleasure of the men. We were complaining about it, so hopefully on the next events, the women will finally be satisfied.


8am: Victory Liner (Cubao) bound for Dagupan, Pangasinan Don’t ask what time I got home that morning.

Bangenge mode. The trip took 4 hours and I had the privilege of sitting right beside an elderly Jesus is Lord pastor. I had planned on sleeping terminal to terminal to no avail, some people are just so kulit, like me. Bring it on!

"Gusto mo ipag-pray over kita?"

"Para saan ho? Inaantok ho ako eh."

Ms. Pastor got stumped then finally shut up.

That afternoon, Murphy’s Law bit me in the ass. Actual task only takes 4 hours at the most. Finding a CD drive that would read my installers, troubleshooting the network took the 3 hours. I had to stay the night.

Though we had managed to book myself at a hotel that’s half the cost of the others we inquired, I found out the catch: The SHOWER is grounded!

I immediately raised this to the staff, that responded with (Ma’am, mahina lang nman po yung ground, tolerable nman, pero huwag nyo na lang pong hawakan ung bakal na portion para safe.)


Super tired and all, though the TV was blasting loud, I slept over PBB’s eviction night. Even forgot to set off the timer for the aircon.


11am: Dagupan City, Pangasinan en route to Manila

Woke up wheezing and "malat".

We were supposed to start early, but my contact got up a bit late so we stopped trying by 10:30. The bus to Manila took quite a long time before it left for Manila.

I didn’t have the energy anymore to get pissed off by the traffic. Just majin over 5 hours of your butt on the bus seat.


10am: Rockwell, Makati City

The wheezing, et al has officially been promoted to colds and fever. Couldn’t go on leave (right away), I’ve to report my problems so it can be resolved asap. Also, I needed to know how my Pangasinan "babies" are doing. Phone call to them: Almost 2 hours.

I gave up around 3pm.

Ganda sigurong week nito…


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