The 40 Year Old Virgin

14 Oct

Andy hasn’t been getting any.  Ever. Add to that "friends who mean well" and voila, a super laugh a minute flick. 

Andy’s character got more funnier for me because he so much reminds me of 2 guys I know — one who’s married now (therefore obviously no longer a virgin!), and another who’s not even close to being old anytime soon (therefore he’s still a virgin?! don’t you dare ask me – i don’t know!) but has similar, uhm, demeanor.

Steve Carell (he’s the newscaster that Jim Carrey turned into a bluberring idiot in Bruce Almighty, right?) is good.  He’s sort of a mix of Ben Stiller/Luke Wilson/Jim Carrey.  Even the "Aquarius" montage before the end, carry nya!

The only thing that left me wanting was Paul Rudd.  He’s such a hunk from the Clueless days up to being Phoebe’s boyfriend in Friends yet he’s so yucky here.  Prolly an indicator that he’s a good actor also but it still disappointed me anyway.


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