11 Oct

Since Sunday I’ve been itching.   I didn’t take it seriously because it was tolerable then.

I ran a list through my head as to what I ate, what I wore/slept in/put on my body, where I went to have a possible cause for the rashes.  None too out of the ordinary.  I guess I had more than my fair share of "malansa" food, but I never had these symptoms!  Deng it!

Day 2. I took antihistamines to no avail kse pasaway ako, I still ate eggs and milk and chicken and sardinas (eh sa gusto ko walang pakialamanan!) so last night I barely slept, itching.  But I also wondered, is my blood infected?  Is this my karma for looking down on people having less than flawless skin (including myself po)?  If yes, so be it.  Sana lang wag masyadong matagal kse KATING-KATI na ako!

Today’s Day 3.  I totally look like a strawberry.  So, I gave up and went to the doctor.  She remarked that my rashes looked like I have "tigdas-hangin". No eggs, no seafood, no chicken!  Deng this allergy!  What am I supposed to eat now? 

Some say that an illness is your body’s means of telling you something about your life.  So I’m itching for what? 

To lift up my spirits, I went to the weighing scale.  Forty point something kilos from forty four kilos last May.  Whew!  Why not?

Neglect somebody, something or someone long enough – one day it will bite you in the ass!  Expect that.


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